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"I believe in these guys" — Dave Martinez on his team after winning the 2019 World Series | FOX MLB

Dave Martinez discusses the secret to his team’s success in 2019. The Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros 6-2 in Game 7 to capture the World Series.

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“I believe in these guys” — Dave Martinez on his team after winning the 2019 World Series | FOX MLB

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  1. What are your thoughts on the Nationals' performance in the World Series?

  2. Wins World Series after major heart surgery…wow Congratulations to Davey and The Nationals 😘

  3. I love managers that manage the game the way it’s supposed to be. Reminds me of Mike Scioscia. Small ball, move runners, steal, hit and run, sacrifice and win with your pitching.

  4. best pitcher of his generation?

  5. Rendon may leave the NATS but he may not because of Dave Martinez (2:21 gives me hope)🙏.

  6. A-Rod: "After 50 games, the worst record in MLB history." What on earth is A-Rod talking about?

  7. These guys are so awesome. I love these commentators. It's all about having fun, but the stealing of Frank's credit card and paying for meals, that was funny.

  8. I'm a Rays fan and am very happy for Dave Martinez and the Nationals for their impressive season.

  9. They deserved this. They outfought everyone else and bad umpiring to win it all. Boy howdy.

  10. Scherzer and Strasburg came clutch big time

  11. As a rays fan congrats davey you can tell he learned alot from Joe

  12. Congratulations Washington Nationals! They deserved to win and I am glad that my hometown team won an MLB championship!

  13. Baseball is the only team sport where the worse team constantly wins championships. Imagine if the Cavaliers and Golden State would not have been in the finals? Imagine Sampdoria winning the Champion's League? Imagine the Patriots not making it to the Superbowl year after year?

  14. Astros fan here;
    Congratulations W Nat's.. you guys played really hard in a classy way!! Your first Championship ever🏆 you just fight for it til the end!! See you next year!🏆

  15. Rendone is the best player and the most humble I've seen. I think God blessing for this and gave him such a talent and such a World Series.

  16. Saying you believe in the Nationals now is like saying you believe in God after you die and talk to him lol. Congrats to Washington though, this has been the funnest team to watch in a long time

  17. Roberto Clemente was a famous outfielder, from Puerto Rico, who died in airplane crush in Atlantic Ocean while he was carrying food for the
    suffered of the Earthquake in Managua, Nicaragua, in 1972. In that Christmas, Nov, 1972 the earthquake flatted Managua city, just a few days after being finished the World Champions of Baseball, in Managua, Nicaragua. Roberto Clemente was a great baseball player and a great human being. The number of his Jersey was: 22, and that is why Juan Soto got on his Jersey the number: 22 of Roberto Clemente.

  18. Dave Martinez does not need to MEMORIZE the A-B- C Baseball, to get the WS trophy. Martinez used all the ESSENTIALS of Baseball: bunts, hit and run, sacrificed fly, HR, and his baseball psychiatry: "NEVER point fingers on others, and at the same time COMBINE the crew of 30+ year old, and BABIES SHARKS: Juan Soto and Robles, etc. so the ENGINE of the W. Nationals was STRIKING every single baseball team on the ROAD. Martinez is a Puerto Rico background so he is a Roberto Clemente mentality.


  20. Congrats Nats!! ⚾️🏆🎊

  21. Can't wait for the season recap story.

  22. "Congratulations" to the Nationals team, the manager, and the fans! You guys never quit! And you earned it! Now for some bad news …. I'm a lifelong, 50 plus years, Yankees fan AND WE'RE COMING TO GET YOU NEXT YEAR !!! 😉

  23. It's great to see athletes have fun. It's not common to see players having this much fun.

  24. Congrats to the NATIONALS!!!
    Glad to see someone else win the FALL CLASSIC

  25. The stuff ZIM said about Davey…. WOW

  26. Die hard Astros fan here! Congratulations! They clearly outplayed and out coached the Astros! Well played!

  27. Nats bullpen pitched better than the Astros bullpen in games 1, 2, 6, and 7. The Astros bullpen blew up too many times. Astros have better hitting and starting pitching and still lost because of their bullpen.

  28. THaNK You NATS!!! & CONGRATS!!! This Was PRICELESS!!! TONY TWO-BAGGS IS THE MVP 2K19!!! ViVa MEXICO CABRONES!🏆!💎💰🇲🇽👻💎💰🇲🇽🏆🇺🇸🍺🍿👊🤠✌️

  29. I grew up In  L. A as a Dodger fan but I am also a baseball fan. Congrats to the Washington Nationals.

  30. It’s like another story of the St.Louis Blues! So COOL!!!

  31. What a great World Series and what a season for the Nats.

  32. Dave Martinez learn from the best Joe Maddon I’m so glad his a halo 😇 go Angels

  33. Papi just brings in the good vibes and energy. you just can’t hate that dude. he’s like the dominican magic Johnson

  34. Nats fan here and I gotta say, at the end of May if you had told me that I would be sitting here watching videos of the Nats talking a World Series win I would have cackle laughed right at you. There were some serious lows there in April and May as well as some VERY frustrating losses throughout July and August…But through that time period (post 19-31) there was always something about this team that kept me hopeful.
    There was quite a few fans that wanted Rizzo to sell big at the trade deadline but not me. I wanted him to get bullpen help and run out the season for a team that had, as I expressed at that time, a "can't quite put you finger on it" quality that very well may translate into a post-season berth.
    And man, did it….They hit on it as a team in a big way at the end of September, won the wild card, and then just kept pulling of one clutch elimination win after another. What a season! What a team! Go Nats!

  35. Very happy for D.M. , played 4 my cubbies back in the day, then went to the expos, now he's world series champion with both teams. Congratulations

  36. Tough to watch as a huge Astros fan but extremely proud of the season they had not a team or a player I would want representing Houston other than these Astros. As a fan of baseball ty to nationals for a exciting series they deserved it. For the love of the game👍🏆

  37. Wonderful team victory. Never gave up. Reminds me of the 2018 Capitals. No one gave them a chance either. DC Titles for almost everyone except Dan Snyder!

  38. The Astros needed taller players

  39. Ryan Zimmerman is officially my favorite player

  40. Nats deserved the win 100% Just pure baseball and having fun.

  41. Rays had both maddon and martinez as coach manager

  42. Happy for Stras and Big Z. Rendon is a beast. I could watch Stras and Scherzer pitch every day. And in this series the Nats guys basically did. Without the off days, this wouldn't happen. Postseason baseball isn't the same as the regular season. That is how MLB wants it. Wether we like it or not.

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