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I Bet He Regrets Saying This

I Bet He Regrets Saying This

A Republican lawmaker coins the term “consensual rape” on the Missouri House Floor. Ben Gleib, Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/join

Read more here: https://www.rawstory.com/2019/05/gop-lawmaker-stuns-colleagues-with-bizarre-speech-about-consensual-rape-on-missouri-house-floor/

“A Republican Missouri state lawmaker on Friday stunned many of his colleagues when he made a reference to “consensual rape” on the floor of the state’s House of Representatives.

During a debate over an anti-abortion law that was passed by the Missouri House of Representatives on Friday, GOP Rep. Barry Hovis, a former law enforcement official, argued that opponents of the bill were overestimating how often women in the United States were really raped.

“Let’s just say that someone goes out and, uh, they have, they’re raped or they’re sexually assaulted one night after a college party,” he began. “Because most of my rapes [encountered as a law enforcement official] were not the gentleman jumping out the bushes that nobody’d ever met. That was one of two times out of 100. Most of them were date rapes or consensual rapes, which were all terrible!”*

Host: Ben Gleib, Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur

Cast: Ben Gleib, Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur


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  1. This guy basically just gave himself out to the police saying that he rapes woman

  2. I think that when these idiot men use their made up term "consentual rape" what they think is that the woman consented to having sex in the first place and the when if was over "cried rape" so it's a fake rape. Idiots!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Men should have no voice over the topic of abortion since they can never have one.

  4. Excuse me… your WHAT??????

  5. At first I didn't realize he was a lawyer and thought he was confessing to raping women.

  6. "Consensual rape" is an oxymoron, this man is just a moron.

  7. …not "men" Ana… social caste white men. …get it right.

  8. …not "men" Ana… social caste white men. …get it right.

  9. You all voted for this idiot

  10. consensual rape is fake rape when the girl that you're banging asks you to choke her and slap her around..lot of girls ask me to do that..beta male young cucks would never experience such a thing but it exists

  11. Ok….unsubscribing…..ur taking up for consensual rape!!!!

  12. Consensual rape😂 that’s one hell of an oxymoron.

  13. Dude the guy just made a mistake lol. At least cenk is being a little rational. I assumed he meant statutory rape, which would sort of be consensual rape.

  14. The R's get the woman because of religion, and religion alone.

  15. I wish there was more male on male rape cases. I would love to see a man get away with rape on another man, because "he said vs he said" arguments fail in court. Perhaps men might change their view on the issue if they got raped and the person got away with it because "he said vs she said" defense works for them. Switch it up and I am sure it would totally different.

  16. i would like to "consensual rape" that guys mother, daughter, sister, or niece . Date rape is okay apparently. I would also like to rape his family and if they get pregnant then the woman was okay with the rape. I am sure he would be against that, but I guess I will have to try IRL.

  17. When I was first watching the clip, I definitely raised an eyebrow at "consensual rape". I figured he was referring to "statutory rape". Still a weird phrasing, but given the context of what else he was saying, he seems decidedly anti-rape. I don't think it's unreasonable to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  18. "You were passed out so that means you were consenting. You didn't say NO."

    Republican logic.

  19. any non-Evangelical/Religious Right women going to continue to vote Republican after this?

    *trolls need not apply

  20. White men in this country are just terrible. What is with these men living in the 1600s? Like wtf? Is this their interpretation of the bible?

  21. Another country cornpone dumbass

  22. And I though Ana meant he misspoke because he started his statement with: "Most of my rapes…" and I cracked up while he kept talking. "There have been hundreds…" 😂

  23. Take that question one step further, Ana… Why is ANY woman Evangelical? Why is ANY woman in ANY religion that subverts them?? Which is most of them that skew to the right. I will say it til the day I die: Conservatism itself is a disease.

  24. Children are not allowed to give consent. Statutory rape exists

  25. Let the eagle soar like she's never soared before💩

  26. The Trump 2020 PAC has announced some Great new merchandise for the campaign. The range of Beautiful white Handmaid bonnets with Big, Beautiful red letters, 'Make America Gilead Again!' will be available next week for a mere $49.95 + P&H. Covefe!

  27. WTF is consensual rape rape or not?

  28. Thank you Cenk for being a voice of reason here. No way he meant that. Most likely he was describing the situation in which a woman starts off consensually having sex and then midway through when she wants to stop the man continues (he does even proceed to call it "terrible"). I wouldn't categorize as that I would just call it rape, but people should criticize him on his bullshit defense of the bill not his misstatement and assume there was malice behind it.

  29. The truth is that there are men who thinks that female sexual/reproductive anatomy is "creepy and mysterious" and they just don't want to know anything about it.

  30. Just bury him up to the neck … call it consensual murder.

  31. What Gleib says about bitter men who cannot find out about female anatomy via consensual relationships CAN get access to and control of female anatomy via legislation – brilliant. And that is exactly what is going on. I would go so far as to say it is also for men who ascribe to hard core old testament values, when women were property of fathers then husbands then sons. (Had a stepfather like this, I know what I am talking about, the Handmaids Tale is close to what I mean.) When a man considers the bible to be interpreted literally, and the bible, interpreted to the extreme, tells a man that he should have absolutely no opposition from women, total obedience from women, and then the women in his life seem to think otherwise…… he starts to think in these extreme ways. Seeks legislation to make the world stop spinning out of control and be more like it was for nomads wandering the desert over 2000 years ago. Or like his bible tells him his wife ought to obey him without question. We live in a much more complicated world now. It cannot be so simplified and straightforward ever again.

  32. So what about all the date rape ? This man is a despicable human being .

  33. He meant exactly what he said Jenk!

  34. This is exactly how you make America great again by dragging it down to the level of Pakistani tribes….

  35. I love what two of you said,,

    but, it's amazing that the guy who acts like the macho man here, is on the asshole's side and claims he misspoke… and on all the news pages on FB, it's men who believe the creep… not women…
    I believe a lot of men are trained to agree with anything assholes say about women and rape..
    Anyone get abused? How many of you know deeply how guys(and gals) say something horrible, get schooled and then say they "didn't mean that" and restate themselves for the public????

  36. Why are these old white men so worried about women's bodies .

  37. Concentual rape? Lol. Someone should rape him

  38. another GOP idiot running off at the mouth……….!

  39. "Most of my rapes?"

  40. Unfortunately this man is just proving that the vast majority of politicians are ignorant assholes. Also all of these new abortion laws prove my point as well I need to get rid of these politicians

  41. What exactly is consentual rape? I'm with you Cenk…he couldn't possibly have meant to say that.

  42. I thought the weirdest thing was when he said “most of my rapes” … wtf? Who would put those words into a sentence unless they were rapist or raped?


    Only a wet-behind-the-ears-widdle-boy would say such a stuuuuuupid thing.

  44. This guy, really has the nerve to say, "most of my rapes!". Wow!!

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