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'I Implore You' Democrats Conclude Opening Remarks In Trump Impeachment Trial | Meet The Press

The White House legal team began their defense of President Trump as new audio seems to reveal the president’s feelings towards former Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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‘I Implore You’ Democrats Conclude Opening Remarks In Trump Impeachment Trial | Meet The Press


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  1. John Bolton needs to publish his book and bring it to the hand of every America asap

  2. The world wreckers are trying to hide their crimes against humanity for the thirty + years before President Trump.
    He is never going to stop draining the swamp and the swamp will fight till the last snake is dead.
    The Chosen one will save America. President Trump 2020+

  3. #BernieSanders2020
    Medicare for all Americans,
    No one left behind!

  4. Senator McConnell! You took an oath at the start of this trial. Fulfill that oath and call the witnesses!

  5. Senator McConnell! Do your job call the witnesses.

  6. Come to the Senate Joe. Sit in the gallery and dare them to call you. There is a time when all efforts come down to a moment. Make this your moment!

  7. This is a joke news report 😂 if trump didn’t have executive privilege he would already have been in court. Of course they are going to get everyone close to him without the ability to defend themselves. This is how the democrats roll you guys. Anyone who comes in out of there control they claim abuse of power or any manner of word gymnastics. Americans want the truth. We are tired of listening to the back and forth. Who even knows who the bad guy is anymore… the only facts are that there is a political war going on and everyone is left to apply values to whatever glimpses the media shows us. I’m ready for the world to really wake up.

  8. Almost fifty years later!Still the party of not to my recollection even guiltier.

  9. Call Joe Biden or Hunter Biden or any Biden you want Senator McConnell. You have the power. What are you afraid of?

  10. Witnesses! All the witnesses! Let's have this out!

  11. Convicted fraud and 6 time business bankruptcy Impeached President Trump is a crook and the malversant Republican party are accessories to his crimes through their cover up.

  12. Chuck you Todd, now go home and satisfy your wife before someone else does !

  13. Dont get your Hope's up. 4 Republicans need to vote against him

  14. Adam schiff and mr. Nadler and democrats are 100% correct, the republicans are dirty evil mildew with stolen money foreign slobes, follow where their skum came fo…. from n u have answers why? They hate us native cause they dont belong here. Native indian land.


  16. The US people deserve relevant witnesses and documents to the Senate Trial. 👍 😎

  17. Fake news…   don't watch

  18. NBC is so God-damned dishonest!!!
    Pres. Trump makes history by being the first sitting president to attend the March for Life and NBC doesn't even cover it!!!
    Nothing one second on their newscast!!!
    Trump is right!!!
    The news media is corrupt!!!

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