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‘I Wanted A Freebirth For My Baby, No Matter What’: One Mother’s Story | NBC News

“‘I wanted a freebirth for my baby, no matter what’: One mother’s story
First-time mom Judith avoided doctors throughout her pregnancy, wanting to give birth at home — with only her husband and her friend, a doula, at her side. As her pregnancy stretched past 44 weeks, she grew worried. But rather than seeking medical assistance, she turned to the internet, where she found increasingly extreme communities that encouraged her plan to “freebirth” her baby. This is her story”
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‘I Wanted A Freebirth For My Baby, No Matter What’: One Mother’s Story | NBC News


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  1. I can't say anything you haven't learned the hard way but hopefully others will learn important lessons from this. I am sorry about your loss. I wish it hadn't happened to you.

  2. At least she did her research first. She listened to podcasts

  3. If you read biographies of historical figures or walk though an old cemetery, you will find many mothers passing away during labor. You’ll also find many kids passing away from what are probably diseases that can be prevented with vaccines or cured with antibiotics. I hope we are not reentering the dark ages.

  4. This hippy dippy thingy is incredibly negligent and self-righteous. If you want what's best for your loved ones, the best and only option should be that by medically trained professionals.

  5. This lady dumb. If you got induced your baby would be alive ain’t no what if stop lying to yourself. You didn’t deserve to be a mom.

  6. Am so sorry for the loss of her baby. What is so sad is knowing women in third world countries who would LOVE to have access to a well trained midwife or hospital for birth. 94% of all maternal deaths occur in low and lower middle-income countries.

    Midwives are a godsend. And they know, like other medical professionals, your personal medical history unlike strangers on the Internet.

  7. Mom and babies can and do die in natural childbirth. Be surrounded by those who care and have medical experience. Your life and your baby’s life is worth that.

  8. One thing is for sure… the good thing about this is there is no one there to immediately take the vulnerable newborn that hasn't developed an Immune system yet and and inject them with the hepatitis B shot within the 1st 24 hours of birth like they do at all the hospitals in the United States.

  9. It gets better as time goes by!….

  10. Native Americans had babies for free. Pilgrims had babies for free. The lucky ones give birth in the car on the way to the hospital $$

  11. I agree that it was stupid to try and do something like that on your own but I'm also not going to gloss over the fact that NBC sponsorship comes from Big Pharma and Medical Services.

    Also for many years now I've been speculating about how women have become increasingly dependent on Pharmaceuticals to deliver children naturally. Has something happened with women's genetics that they are now no longer able to induce their own labor and have become completely dependent on Pharmaceuticals for delivering a child or worse yet are we ambling toward a future where every birth will be a cesarean section?

  12. I'm so incredibly sorry, and I wish you the best of with future pregnancies.

  13. If I had not had my only child in the hospital with doctors, I'd have lost her. I was in labor for well over 24 hours and she was lodged in the birth canal. She was beginning to not breathe when my husband and I agreed to a c-section. Thank god.

  14. She didn’t need to be a parent.

  15. Not a fair way for someone to learn a lesson.
    Sorry for your (the worlds) loss of this child.
    Thank you for sharing it will help others.

  16. Bandaging is not a "natural" way to heal wounds but it seems to work when people are dying.
    I think the "natural way" was to lick our wounds like most mammals.

  17. So was the baby still born as in dead before it was born or was it a disease/genetic disorder?

  18. Imma call social services. They gonna take the baby to a more secure, and sane parents…

  19. First, IApplaud this mom for sharing this cautionary story of her experience. Second; as a doctor I went to undergrad 4 years, Med school 4 years, residency 4 years then practiced medicine 22 years. That is invaluable experience, knowledge and dedication. When did doctors and nurses become the enemy? Google doesn’t replace what we bring to the table. I don’t know it all. I’m just a part of the team. Remember-what doctors and nurses want is a healthy mom and baby. No one is out here getting rich doing this. It’s a career.

  20. …because everything on the internet is true.

  21. Everyone feels very obliged to put and say there own opinion though some reasonings are in fact common sense and even though free birth is as old as the first conception of of being human and the fact that we have so much information at the very tip of our finger tips we alway allow our negligence and egos and personal wants and needs outway the simple actions that could save time and lives we all know how our minds push towards but as for this would have been parents first try was an obscured trial and error that shouldn’t have needed to go as far as it did I feel for there lost but me speaking as a soon to be first time father I want my child to have every and all advantages it can have but also know that I will do everything in my power to make sure birth is as common as the day we came inn the beauty about life is our ability to have as Many options as we can mustard after all our children are our Life strand to our legacy on this blue dot we call earth

  22. You are stupid, thats all, you believe internet more than people trained in helping you and only thinks what is best for you and will do the best for you, thats it, you're stupid and its your fault, just take the responsibility, truth is hard, but so is your baby's death

  23. It's the freaking nurses that do most of the helping! I trust hospitals because of them. Thank you God for nurses. She didnt even give them a chance and at the end, it was the " staff" that comforted her and didnt judge her.

  24. You didn't do anything wrong.
    Try again.

  25. When the internet is spewing advise, they don't know everyone's individual situation or medical history. You are brave to come forward and I'm hoping this saves lives. So very sorry for your loss. 🙁

  26. The loss of a baby, no matter how it happens, is always a guilt we carry for the rest of our lives.
    I'm so glad that you lived to tell this story. As my mom, who has helped her mom and aunts give birth at home back in the day, always said, "there are amenities and safety guards in being with a doctor in a hospital that I would NEVER trade ever again". A feeling her mother also shared.
    It turns out that if not for hospital delivery, my mom would have died of childbirth on her 3rd pregnancy, her first girl.
    So, please people, understand that not all progress is wrong, that we do not know our bodies enough to be certain we can do it all alone, or with so little support/supervision. Ask questions, assert what your wishes and expectations are, but be ready to listen to reason.
    Both my pregnancies went to 40 weeks but on my second pregnancy I noticed one full day without my son moving days after the 39th week. I went to the Dr immediately and he ordered an ultrasound at the hospital this time. You have NO IDEA how happy and somewhat relieved I was to hear his heartbeat and her assertion that he was ok, that there was still enough amniotic fluid surrounding him, but that he was so big he could no longer move. Lucky me he was already in birth position so, if it all didnt happen naturally in two days, they would induce me. It all happened two days to the hour after that ultrasound and my big boy came out so quickly daddy barely had enough time to be with us after the paperwork downstairs.
    Ladies, if you dont want drugs during birth, I get it, I'm with you. But please protect yourselves and your babies as best you can by finding a doctor and a hospital of your trust. It's definitely no guarantee, but at least you know you've done everything in your power to bring this baby into this world.
    Much love to you, Judith 💗

  27. Women trying to be clever = dead babies

  28. Why would anyone with a choice birth their baby without a medical professional present?
    Giving birth is life-threatening, for both the mother and the baby. Pregnancy and birthing may be common, but it's not just a 24 hour bug.

  29. freebirth aint radical thats normal for most of history of man…stop thinking you invent everything

  30. BS. Inducing causes more danger. Fact not fiction

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