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ICU nurse on front lines of pandemic describes conditions in hospitals

New York ICU nurse Howard Sandau discusses personal protective equipment and says there are still many critical patients who need ventilators in order to survive. #FoxBusiness

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  1. I think I saw him twerking on TikTok.

  2. If he wanted to report this fairly, he would have a panel of about 10 ICU nurses from different parts of this country, with differing numbers of infections, and let us hear all sides. This is just a report to drive the panic. I'm not buying it.

  3. I don't understand this when hospitals are sending nurses home, laying off. No work in the hospitals!

  4. I take my hat of for the medical workers; they are brave heroes.

  5. Hospitals, state/city politician's fault for being unprepared. They receive/steal mucho taxes yearly. Stealing more then ever now. 60,000 citizens die from flu complications seasonally; 10,000+ die from various illnesses daily. Post 9/11 hospitals should be ready for emergencies especially NY. CV-19 didn't occur in most states. NY cuomo/deblasio corrupt communists ala all democrat states inept. POTUS Trump had to step in do everything necessary to safeguard citizens.

  6. Hospitals have so few patients they are closing, laying off staff like nurses and even pharmacists. People with conditions who need surgery aren’t getting it. Even people with tumors that need removed. Only if you might die right now I guess can you be seen.

  7. The gov of NY wants this to go on forever

  8. So many people doing everything they can to ignore reality in the comment ;P. I guess trump must have been lying when he said many people would die and that there is a pandemic going on. But trump never lies and never makes any mistake whatsoever (just like his pal Kim Jong Un if you believe the totally not fake media) so he cannot have lied. He probably never said it. That's it. trump didn't lie because he didn't say it.
    Also, it's april, so the pandemic that isn't true magically stopped and it's all thanks to trump who didn't have to do anything because nothing happened because of what he did indeed not do…
    You guys are hilarious ;P.

  9. So supportive and grateful
    ICU nurse on the front line of the pandemic … Real heroes at this moment. so much pain and loss hope that everything will work out for us all

  10. Friends do you wonder why why NY. I mean what is the governor and the mayors not doing. I understand that NY is one of the largest states with travel but what didn't Governor Cuomo not do and why isn't there a bigger slow down of the Covid-19. Did he act to late to the state. My lord of all the people that have died in NY. It's almost half of United States. God help them. Something more needs to be done. Are they not be following the guidelines and social distancing. Prayers for NY.

  11. Well fox we know you guys are pushing fake covid news just like cnn abc msnbc. We will not be forced vaccinated. The fight will begin when the forced vaccinations start.

  12. So all those selfies the nurses took in their PPE is probably a bad idea?!?!

  13. The hospitals are empty.nurses are dancing. ALL patients are designated as having or dying from kung- flu for money. 😠

  14. OUT OF THE SHADOWS people. It's real.

  15. If you're a reporter or TV personality, it would behoove you to be honest or don't expect mercy when the time arrives, and it will.

  16. BS Fox he's a public servent. We have a right to know where this guy works. Well Fox is gone.

  17. Lying all to get money and kickbacks. Reporting on old people naturally passing to create fraud. Wake the fuc up everyone

  18. The real diseases killing "We the People" and OUR great nation is the rejection of and disobedience to God & His only begotten son Jesus Christ, which has lead to a hardening of our hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit, which in turn has manifested into the festering boils of liberalism, progressivism, socialism, communism, globalism, multiculturalism, Darwinism, atheism, humanism, corporatism, crony capitalism, hyphenated Americanism, and the almost non-existance of accountability of politicians, bureaucrats, judicial activism, dishonest, abusive law enforcement, and a left-wing activist press.

  19. Traitors liars and propagandist f=6 O=6 X=6

  20. Hey Fox,


    Get stuffed!

  21. Go to the channel Defending Utah Radio to hear what an ICU nurse has to say about the fake pandemic and how the doctors and nurses are prohibited from questioning their administrators.

  22. Only words… Where are the pictures and videos… Real ones not from Italy.

  23. How come it’s the blue cities that are disorganized and unable to get their act together without outside assistance?

  24. Talk about living your private bubbke….

  25. But what about a choreographed dance routine? Apparently there's SO much time for those!!! 😡


  27. Hospitals are empty across the nation and many are laying off workers because there are no patients!

  28. It seems odd we only hear from the frontline Doctors and nurses . Have any of the hospital directors been interviewed? I would think they would be the official spokespeople

  29. I don’t trust a word of this. It’s fake. Wake up people!

  30. Hydroxychloroquin and zink not social distancing will save US people and economy.

  31. Awfully funny considering hospitals are laying people of I have family here in Columbus and Florida they both are nurses and th their hospitals are empty and now their afraid their going to lose their jobs bunch of liars is all you people bring on all lies

  32. I think that's a made up story, I don't think he's even a nurse…N.Y. must be the only place that has a lot of patients….. here in Mps.Tn.there are very few people being admitted with the beervirus.

  33. Fox is just another brain washing machine

  34. Where are all the grieving families

  35. What a joke of LIARS! Fear is control. Stop letting these LIARS control you! Go do your own research and STOP BELIEVING these idiots.
    No questions about how many patients hooked up to ventilators!!! Faux News!

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