Illegal immigration is costing Alaska $108M each year: Alaska Gov

Governor of Alaska Michael Dunleavy, (R), discusses how his state handles illegal immigrants as part of its seasonal employment patterns and New Mexico overtaking Alaska in oil production.

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  1. So no one is gonna speak about illegal Russians sneaking over in droves🤔💭❓



  4. Many companies in America hire illegal immigrants to work 50 hours a week. Many American citizens were rarely offered 20 hours a week at many grocery stores and small businesses. Many college students were trying to get jobs. It seems that some American businesses had some sort of deal with Mexico . There is a grocery store in Texas that has grocery stores in Texas and Mexico, and that business rarely asks American citizens to work 20 hours a week , but they ask illegal immigrants to work 50 HOURS A WEEK !!! American citizens should fight back. PROTEST. REPORT THEM TO ICE.

  5. Really Alaska I would bet that's the last place a person that lives in South America would want to go

  6. Stop funding sanctuary cities and have the illegals deported.

    Stop automatic US citizenship. That will stop illegals from coming here.

    They come here to abuse the public system, work under the table & many don't pay taxes.

  7. Bullets are cheap, and a very good deterrent. Word got out in my town when I killed an intruder in my home. To be honest 48 cents saved the police and tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars

  8. The Congress are the ones getting welfare. The best healthcare money can buy. They never get denied any medical help. They get this for life. Along with their families. The best insurance. They just voted against better healthcare for Veterans. While they voted to give themselves over 8 thousand a month raise, while saying there is no money. Don't forget they get loads of money by selling their votes. And they have the nerve to say they cannot live in $140,000.00 a year!! That's where taxpayers money is going. Not sure about you but I didn't pay my taxes so they can live high on the hog.

  9. The illegal immigrants can't and don't receive any benefits in any state! Anyone who says they do is lying. Cripes.

  10. Alaska trivia question–who said " nothing to report mr chairman ? " and " Everyone is welcome here and I mean everyone "

  11. It might be peanuts to you but why should we have to tolerate this BS , we have Americans to take care of ,veterans, Senior CITEZENS, why do I want to take care of illegal Mexicans

  12. I live in oklahoma. Illegals immigrants flock here. There is a hispanic group of businesses that actively bring them here set them up with jobs, a car, and a safe way to hide. You cant go anywhere on the south side and think your still in the u.s. they dont even try to learn english because they dont have to, the McDonalds only hire hispanics and they only speak spanish at some. I love immigrants but this really does seem like a slow and steady attempt to change the face of america..

  13. Probably more than that. The amount that illegals pay in taxes is peanuts compared to how much they cost us in welfare, housing, education, legal system, and insurance companies. Don’t let Democratic fairy tales melt your brain.

  14. Your CLOSED CAPTIONING SUCKS ! English (auto generated) works …. DEAF EARS MATTER

  15. lmao I am in alaska and I have yet to see a Mexican

  16. Those using illegal labor benefit so They say leave us alone and governor complies that's reality

  17. And many more in new York and Burlington.

  18. Total FOX NEWS Dogshit.

  19. Arizona spends closer to 3 billion a year.

  20. I didn't know Mexico bordered Alaska

  21. America has socialistic programs including forced foreign aid for political favor, forced tax dollars to fund abortion, tax $ stolen to fund the corrupt public school system, public libraries, public parks, USPS, loopholes for the 1% rich so they can escape paying taxes, stolen $ to support sanctuarycities, DACA and the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Federal Reserve system that hurt the poor and middle class worst!! AND so much more! WAKE UP AMERICA! the US IS run by dictators and corrupt lawmakers who make laws in their favor!That is why We NEED a UBI for ALL legal American citizens over the age 18… If we just cut out all the above unconstitutional forced stealing of taxes, we can help our own people!

  22. Orange Clown wants to build a wall to keep out bad Canadian Hombres😂🤣😂🤣😂
    Orange Clown Crew make me 😂🤣😂🤣

  23. There’s illegal immigration all over the world jeez people the thing about humanity is that they think that money is more important than the climate change, oil barrels, trump, border walls, pelosi, politics.. until we are really screwed humanity won’t learn.

  24. Build a wall and have Canada pay for it 🤣

  25. Weren't you guys literally celebrating the new Trump immigration policies just a while ago? Because you thought it was working, did you guys just find out you could go around, under and over the wall?

  26. …put them on a boat to Russia, then lets watch & take notes.

  27. meanwhile migrants who undergo legal application would take years before their visas are approved…..its not your responsibility to take care of them, bring them back because you have you to protect yours.

  28. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will be happy to pick up the bill

  29. Send those illegal aliens 👽 back to Canada, Russia, and Europe

  30. Another thing. Why do we all have solutions that would clearly work and yet the ones in charge never seem to do anything? Any one of us here can solve this issue…. But not the voted in parties… Sad but true.

  31. Why are you importing foreign workers? Why not import American workers? You still have to pay them the same legally so why are you shunning Americans?

  32. la gente mexicana son capazes de irse hasta alaska antes de regresar a su pais…. pero siempre gritando que viva mexico… osea, hay una gran contrariedad al comportamiento de esta gente… van a estados unidos y viven una vida escondiendose en las sombras de los demas… y despues en lugar de regresarse a su mexico que disque tanto aman se prefieren ir a alaska…. esta gente son capazes de irse hasta rusia por el pase glaciar entre alaska y russia… que tremendo a todos lugares se van menos al pais de origen…. apoco tan horrible ha de estar mexico?

  33. If trump news is bad fox goes to immigration well played

  34. You rent homes and businesses and take their money and complain about it. Lets secure our borders 100%. The level of hypocrisy is deeper than most think on both parties.

  35. How did illegal immigrants from the southern border get to Alaska?


  37. Isn’t it too cold for illegals up there? I know for sure it’s too cold for me!


  39. California is in enough trouble , Washington , Oregon , Alaska ? I wonder what the Russians are doing ?

  40. Please take a speech class Governor Michael Dunleavy, it's painful listening to you talk.

  41. They come on boats hahaha yeah right! More like they stay after coming "legally" give me a break. Btw, saying uh all the time means you're probably a lying.

  42. what do Democrats have to do with border policy. it seems republicans have a short memory. when it comes to laws they enact. obama deported more people than any other President. we have only had two democratic Presidents since 1980. Historically Republicans have been in control. Historically Recessions happen when Republicans are in office.Historically wars happen with Republicans in office. Historically the richer get richer and the poor get poorer with Republicans in office. What does all this tell you.

  43. Dunleavy you're such a pushover.

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