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In 244 years, the Army has never seen sisters like this | Militarykind

These sisters did something no other women have ever done in the history of the Army. 🇺🇸💪
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  1. Misanthropy. It is irreligious, when ¾ of the world is religious.
    How can this not be a showcase token gesture? To what!
    They are not feminine, what are they? They are not leaders when they a rank because of their gender, and because they cannot fulfill the requirements of the responsibilities they have demanded on the sole basis of their gender.

  2. Respect to you both from New Zealand.
    Be safe….

  3. Affirmative Action generals.

  4. Read Proverbs 3 and Daniel 12:10, okay? Fools strive with God. Sweet sleep is promised in heaven. Besides his father, David, saying Psalms 45:11 there is Proverbs 5:19, alway. Don't accept any mark in your right hand or forehead from a global government politician.

  5. They look like 2 Lesbians

  6. Cool but it sorta scared me when she says "leadership when done right is addicting" like that sounds like a dope addict explaing how they tie off. Idk if this is a good idea lol 0:40

  7. Very impressive………To make rank like that as females especially in the Army is a almost impossible Task….👏👏🇺🇸

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