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In the battle for Reno’s future, controversial strip clubs fight back | The City, S2 E2

A secret report reveals a little of what’s going on inside the strip clubs—but it’s not the smoking gun some had hoped for. As Midtown changes around them, Ponderosa resident Velma Shoal and her rag-tag army of protestors make their fury known. But the council says they’re just pawns in Kamy’s game.

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  1. I support the idea that there is a legal team to appeal a conforming case

  2. I am so happy that my family keeps me away from all this

  3. If your getting disrespected in Fredericksburg virginia. You should make your voice heard by going to the library I think that's where political parties have information on everything going on in the county.

  4. "LIVE" IN RENO : This is it happening in real life to witness.., The Battle Of The Kingdom Of Hell versus The Kingdom Of Heaven. The Conscience Challenge Between Mammon & God. If One only knows that, Life is but a blade of Grass then, It's Eternity .

  5. Don’t worry, kids see it all the time on tv….

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