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  1. 2:09 it would have been pretty much a fore show if one of those grips slipped and there was an person in the chair

  2. My client bought a "glider". It did a job, but my oh my it was complicated. Beside, package provides only few cloths which is far from being enough to clean more than a few windows. It definitely didn't look as easy as it was in this video.

  3. Next year drones will be use to grab and throw c4 bomb…. good luck of inventing so much….

  4. Please use an other music than that…

  5. That drone reminds me of SPACED INVADERS !!

  6. That is going to be a heart break to farmers

  7. #1 is directed at Americans

  8. Wait I’m not that good on weight but 15 kilograms is a lot right

  9. 6:49 the most useless and waste of time thing I've ever seen

  10. Pls pls change this horrid pre caned music that u persistent using in every single video with something more subtle

  11. Farmbot

    Scrap mechanic fans:coincidence

    ,I think NOT

  12. the magnetic window cleaner design is about 20 years old. It may be an invention but it certainly isn't 'new'.

  13. The glider. Lol I had one of these for my fish tank. Over 30 years ago.

  14. LOL at that woman climbing the ladder and trying to balance on the roof with high heels and no safety harness bahahaha

  15. Incredible next level inventions? A bullet proof backpack is not incredible. Sure, it's life-saving but when I think incredible it's not a drone, or backpack. Slapping some drones on a sack of shit, or your neighbors cat is cool and funny but it is not incredible. Sorry but not sorry thumbs down

  16. I really enjoy these videos but the Dubstep music is maddening and starting to get on my nerves. I am glad that I can turn off the speakers and read the closed caption instead.

  17. Drone thieves in the near future.

  18. I MUST have that backpack toot-suite!! This was the best one in weeks.

  19. FIFY : "Incredible scams from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo that Techzone scraps and promotes as reliable consumer goods."

  20. All of these was really good

  21. Wind turbines have way too much maintenance kill way too much Birds and you need a lot of training.. too expensive. They are not the future and they just make a mess of our country. sorry for the investors there's always other ways to make money.

  22. What does highlighted comment mean

  23. Google "kite energy". Wind turbines are dead. It's all kite power now.

  24. Can nezuko fit in the first item?

  25. Bad wind turbine design…..

  26. Can’t wait till China steals these ideas

  27. Subscrube to me for (music)

  28. for the farmbot, if 5 percecnt takes an hour, and there are 20 five percents, than does that mean if it wasn't assembled it would take 20 hours to?!

  29. Dude thinks wind turbines are non harmful to the environment what a 🤡🤡🤡

  30. Climbing the roof with high heels what a 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  31. who is from the future 😯

  32. I have never been this early ever since Trump liked mexicans

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