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India-administered Kashmir remains cut off during Eid Al-Adha

Security remains tight in Indian-administered Kashmir, although some restrictions have been eased to allow people to celebrate the Islamic holiday Eid Al-Adha.
Telephone and internet connections are still cut off after the Indian government revoked the autonomy of the disputed region on Monday.
Media groups expressed concerns that the communications blackout has increased misreporting and made it easier for any group to peddle so-called “fake news” about events in Kashmir.
Al Jazeera’s Priyanka Gupta reports from New Delhi.

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  1. Broker of Islam Your knowledge about kashmit is too less.It's kashmir,not indian administered,it's a integral part of India.

  2. Poor attempt at story telling. Priyanka Gupta looks like a desperate teen ager trying to grab some attention..but fails completely.
    1. Did the cameraman walk with firdous to each and every pharmacy?
    2. One customer but 3 employees hurrying to get medicine
    3. pharmacy owner says he doesn't have stock at all but gives him the medicine at the end.
    4. Is there medicine for cancer? I assume it would be painkillers. Don't they have pain killers in their big pharmacy?

    Even if that's the case, this is due to terrorists attacking hospitals, pharmacies and schools. That's exactly what removal of article 370 will help. Now more people can establish pharmacies, good inflow of talent and business from rest of India and investment flow into kashmiri.
    Finally, I wonder how that ordinary kashmiri man can speak sophisticated English..much better than me at least..if there is nothing functional so far and Kashmir is always burning. It looks fishy.. must be the cameraman handed over his camera and removed his shirt and spoke for a few mins.

  3. A mute Eid means all is not fine.
    10 million and more indian army in Kashmir which is a kashmiri land not indian land means all is not fine.
    Killing innocent Kashmiris means all is not fine.
    Modi hitler calling killing as prosperity means all is not fine.
    Modis' mindset leaves hitler behind means all is not fine.
    The world is mute on Kashmir issue means all is not fine.
    All will be fine soon when,
    Kashmir will belong to the people of kashmir not India

  4. You got your warnings from indian government not to misrepresent and do false propaganda. Time to kick you our of our country and revoke your license.
    No matter how many times you put subliminal messages it will not work.
    You can’t do anything. You are a radical Chanel that is the voice for Pakistan and isis . That’s it. Anyway who in the world take you for serious?
    Only radicals.
    Nope not India administration in Kashmir.. Kashmir was is and always will be India. Even the soil of Pakistan is given to them from India.
    You are a joke but somehow fail to be entertaining.

  5. India must step back from iok we are watching what indian government is doing in kashmir.

  6. Modi and BJP party is bad for the united India soon India will fell a part one is coming soon Khalistan 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. India doing human right violation in Kashmir and calls it self a peaceful Democratic country while in real it is largest terrorist country

  8. Narendra damodardas modi👍

  9. Thanks Al-Jazeera for neutral reporting.

  10. Aljazeera just change the ne to lie jazeera

  11. India knows for sure what they would do if they were not under cufew.

  12. Where is the United nation human rights commission……
    Shame for UN

  13. After aug 15th I think they are reducing curfew in the valley, hopefully

  14. Suppose this happens someday in Dehli or Mumbai how would the civilians frm thr feel?!

  15. Al Jazeera in The quint office …..one prostitute goes to another one😂😂😂

  16. Hey Al Jazeera,why haven't you provided the proof of the fake video you posted of Kashmir,stop your propaganda,the whole world knows that Al Jazeera is found by a country spread its propaganda all around the world….

  17. There is a problem with Islam across world. Once they have certain majority demand for separate statehood and religious fanaticism is adopted.

  18. BottomLine÷Fake News Channel

  19. Al Jazeera go report in Balochistan north Korea …you coward

  20. You look your country please don't mingle with India …..

  21. Indian secularism & democracy are equal to mia Khalifa's virginity

  22. Hindus k akhri din chal rahy sushma ka jo haal hua hai na is se bura in ka hona.

  23. Becarefull for kashmiri
    Pakistan and China mybe they just making foolish kashmiri cz they both just wnt get shympaty from kashmiri by they support kashmir to b separate from India cz they wnt kashmir
    Stupid is Indian goverment by wht Indian government doing bad and not gv good justice to kashmir, making scare kashmiri, giving worries to kashmiri, close Internet n voice call (cut communication in kashmir) that just make Indian government vry bad in eyes and in heart of kashmiri.
    . Plzzz be carefully you are all KASHMIRI

  24. U guys should cover Baluchistan where there is real human rights violation and minorities have no basic rights

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