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India moves to divide Kashmir despite protests, attacks

Indian-administered Kashmir will be split into two centrally controlled territories from Thursday.
It has been nearly three months since India revoked the region’s autonomy and sent in troops.

Al Jazeera visited the region to find out the situation on the ground. Anchal Vohra reports.

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  1. Yes terrosits news agency is back with their propaganda

  2. No Al Jazeera reports on Kashmiri Pandits… Yes we are worried about people living in Kashmir and Ladhak because they are our brothers and sisters…. But selective reporting is not appreciable….

  3. Islam is not a religion of peace if you dont believe ask kashmiri pandits (hindus) and budhist and shia of ladakh native people of kashmir valley.

  4. Al Jazeera never post anything good about india

  5. Indian administered kashmir?

  6. Merciless Death to all those who TERRIOST

  7. Ban this channel and this reporter who has shown the treacherous tendency for few Qatari bucks

  8. All Jazeera what were u guys before Islam and before Abraham?? ? Ur devil worshipper

  9. Al jaZeera kindly cover the rebels of African, Pakistanis, Syrians, Middle East want to see how fake can you go in this countries

  10. It is Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, an integral part of India and not Indian Administered Kashmir…Madam Reporter your language seems to be anti-India, trying hard and best to satisfy your bosses in Al Jazera…😂

  11. Hope our soldiers are safe there may God give them all the strength to deal with this situation

  12. Do you report your syria/yemen/pakistan too?

  13. INDIAN Administered KASHMIR 😂😂😂 Iam laughing at those who are living in fool's paradise
    It's an integral part of India…… Not Administered …..

  14. India much better country than Pakistan. We are minority in The India .

  15. Hey aljazeera dont be too smart.. What u mean by rebels

  16. Some people help terrrist like Pakistan

  17. Love to see Jihadis are NOW hackeled by Indian Army

  18. The headline is as misleading as possible.
    Al-Jazeera only reports things in pro-muslim and pro-equality perspective. It doesn't care about the truth, because it was only created to be a propoganda machine of rich arab sheikhs.
    Im not a trump supporter but this is what he is referring to when he calls out media for fake news.
    You just can't stop dividing people can you? No wonder there is hate around Muslim community because Al- Jazeera and its hipster outlet AJ+ won't stop pandering to their propoganda

  19. Pak is the only reason behind terrorism at Kashmir… Not even a single Kashmiri's interested in violence… Because they have all the resources to live happily… Pak doesn't want Kashmir to be peaceful…

  20. Saved J&K from Fanatics and Fundamentalists… Aljazeera is a islamist channel… Supporting terrorism, fundamentalism and fanatism.

  21. Al Jazeera – you are veiled Pakistanis…and the world knows that. The lockdown is to keep them safe… you morons…that student and that shopkeeper didn’t die right??

  22. Not rebels. Murdering terrorists. They kill unharmed civilians.

  23. People telling that the militants attacked labourers and truck drivers are nothing but terrorists then the biggest state sponsored terrorism is from India itself. India shuts down the valley imposes blockade and restrictions and when local people resent for the influx of non local people they are called terrorists? The comment section shows the immaturity of the Indian masses and how they have been fed so much propaganda that they fail to see the facts and rather see the bigger lie. If India really wanted to fight terrorism it wouldn't have taken draconian steps in order to increase extremism but rather should have embraced the kashmiris as their own. At this rate kashmir will become the largest open air prison in the world.

  24. Es channel ko block karo Youtube, FAKE NEWS, FAKE PEOPLE! They do not have guts to report in IRAQ, IRAN, Porkistan, SIRIYA. They are giving fake news to the world. UN SHOULD BANN THIS CHANNEL FOR LIFETIME!! If u agree thumbs up 👍

  25. Mere sabhi indian bhaiyo se nivedan hai ki ab koi bhi kashmiriyon ko kuch ni bolega woh humare bhai aur rahenge.lekin agar Pakistan taraf koi kuch bolega toh tumlog dekh lena.aur jitne bhi log travel ka soch rahe hai toh please ek baar kashmir zaroor jaye.

  26. Indian govt… Are acting as terrorism activists Against the helpless Kashmiri people …

  27. Aljjajeera you should be banned everywhere like you are ban in u.s.. you are communal.. supporter of radicals.. go back

  28. Aljajeera terms islamic terrorists of kashmir as rebels. Wah

  29. Dividing Kashmir will devide India

  30. Who will get benefit from this news coverage ? The common men of Kashmir wants to stay with India not with terrorists ( Rebels)

  31. Tumhari ma ki chut al jazeera.

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