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Inside SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod Competition 2017

Inside SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod Competition 2017

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  1. Would have been nice to see the results of the other teams…

  2. We can now shoot 1 person down a giant gun!

  3. All this hype and these bozos have manage to create the slowest maglev train in the world. If they were really serious, they would buy a train from the French or the Japanese and get the Dutch to build them a tube. I think this is like the movie, "the Producers" where they sell more than 100% in stock and to stay out of jail, they have to fail. By the way, this is not an Elon Musk project.

  4. NEXT YEAR???!!!! UGGGHH!!!

  5. I'm sorry why is an oncologist a host here? Shouldn't he be with Dr. House?

  6. 2:06 Was he just filming my butt? Yes he was…

  7. All this hullabaloo over a crackpot idea that's a century old. It's still just a train. Nobody rides trains anymore. If they manage to overcome the massive engineering problems(most notably over engineering the tube so it won't fail catastrophically) ticket prices will have to be astronomical. You could never break even let along make a profit.

  8. Don't see any magnetic levitation propulsion. How does this competition move the ball forward for the real Hyperloop?

  9. What happened to the universities that won the last competition like delft? Are they part of this competition?

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