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Inside the Maserati Android Auto Concept

Inside the Maserati Android Auto Concept

Google is showing off new ways to fully integrate its mobile OS Android into automobiles. Really expensive automobiles, but hey they are fast too.

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  1. if only it worked this way. lol

  2. 0:20 Snapdragon 828 or 820a? .__.

  3. Touchscreen is not always the best interface.

  4. As cool as that is i don't really think all that tech and large touch screen suits the image of a maserati, you go for one of those over other high end cars due to the attention to detail and beauty of them interior and exterior, this sort of takes the brand in another direction imo

  5. Looks like Tesla's precedent is kicking off. GIANT AF SCREENS

  6. we still need touch feelings while driving guys. most of us finding buttons without looking them right now ..

  7. This linked to communicate with your fridge's screen is a GREAT way to stay in contact with your family. Traveling Sales Reps can eat this up….

  8. jeeezus what ever happened to driving a car. pay attention to the road. I don't think we need this tech until automated cars are in full effect. this has got to be the most dangerous time to drive right now.

  9. In other unrelated news … Police have have been reporting stolen life size RC car

  10. Please, NO touchscreen controles in a car. I don't want to change my heat with a visual slider while being shaked through in the car. I want actual hardware buttons for this.

  11. Wow that Maserati has horrible paint quality.

  12. why am i watching this? i dont even have a driving licence

  13. Oh my god, thats amazing

  14. aww bless trying to copy Tesla…

  15. That looks really distracting

  16. Android Virus incoming

  17. First! More importantly, I'm glad to see that Elon Musk's vision of the future is being adopted by major companies like Alphabet (Google). The reason he made that smartcar, tablet technology open source in the first place was to spur this sort of thing.

  18. No one is gonna find that desirable! Twonk-mobile

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