Inside The Mind Of Jaxon Cota An 11-Year-Old Kid Genius | NBC Nightly News

At age nine, Jaxon Cota was accepted into Mensa, a society for geniuses. His IQ puts him in the top two percent of the world, but despite his smarts, Jaxon isn’t rushing ahead.
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Inside The Mind Of Jaxon Cota An 11-Year-Old Kid Genius | NBC Nightly News


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  1. You can't discount the influence that parents have in their children.

  2. And he only came in at 7th place in that MathCon competition. Can you imagine what IQ the kid that got the first place has? -from Philippines

  3. Oh wow, that’s like my son. Educationally he’s years ahead of his peers but he can’t tie his shoes. It’s just not important to him, that and riding a bike.

  4. Jesus loves you
    Believe in him and repent !

  5. Mensa means Dummy in Spanish but said to a female

  6. Shows the "genius" doing basic multiplication and division.

  7. This kid has a bright future ahead of him as a high school math teacher.

  8. How does god give specific people great knowledge while the rest of human kind struggle to get to that level?

  9. My sister got an IQ of 146 and never been called by MENSA, so as some people with IQs reaching to 180 or 200, I don't get that group. Real proof of genius is how someone use his gift to create brilliant ideas for the good. BUT FOR NOW, yeah be a kid, you'll spend the rest of your life being an adult someday so enjoy it while you can.

  10. The kid has more sense than Donald Trump

  11. Smart parents too… they want him to be socially well adjusted.

  12. I’m still waiting for MENSA to contact me…..

  13. He is smart. He just wants to be a good person it seems.

  14. its funny how people try to understand Genius…

  15. The maths he knows is what Indian 10 yr olds are forced to study😂😂😂. And he tell everybody that he's a genius 😂😂

  16. I wish i was smart😃😢😟😯

  17. I like that he is still going to be with her peers even though they may be learning the alphabet.

  18. I don’t know if anyone knows this but the irony of the program is called Mensa which in Spanish translates to “Dumb girl” 🤔

  19. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😯😨

  20. 90000000000000000000000000000000000×10,00000000

  21. So it's like adult living as a kid

  22. I can tell this kid has never taken AP world history lol

  23. Well this kid made me feel stupid..

  24. I wonder what its like being his sister?

  25. Me and him just alike my mom said I was saying my numbers when i was 2 and my teacher said I'm the smarts kid at math

  26. Meanwhile me over here can’t remember how to do addition

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