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Inside the World's Toughest Adventure Race | National Geographic

Inside the World's Toughest Adventure Race | National Geographic

In Oman, competitors gather from across the globe to run a near impossible 87-mile ultra-marathon. Follow as racers face rocky terrain, soaring temperatures and 26,000 feet of elevation gain over the course of the grueling route.
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Read more in “Surviving Oman’s new ultramarathon”

Inside the World’s Toughest Adventure Race | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. In this tough ultramarathon, about only 76 of the original 325 racers will finish. Would you be willing to take on this challenge?

  2. This is so short it gives near zero information.

  3. Somehow i thought that was Vin Diesel in the thumbnail

  4. Do a episode over the Barkley Marathon. This doesn’t even come close to the difficulty of the Barkley

  5. It's like winning tired legs and torn heart🤣obviously only the strong.

  6. How do they even sleep?

  7. Berkley toughest race in the world.

  8. Yoooow I was at this race !! Didn’t know it would make it up here .

  9. I'd like to try the route by hiking, not racing 😅

  10. Who wish to become a contestant in this race.

  11. Adventure race in Oman? Looks more like a perilous trek across dangerous lands with broken bones, sprained ankles, bruised knees, skinned calves, second-degree burns due to wilderness fires, and thensome!

  12. Silly people; they are beating himself for some reward and visibility.

  13. It's like threatening race

  14. it kind of reminds me of the eco challenge..

  15. When’s David Goggins gonna set the record for this race?

  16. Is David goggins in the race’?!

  17. There is nothing tough for you guys…
    You are the best from the bests

  18. I won't have called this " inside the world's toughest race" I would have called it "barely any information on the world's toughest race".

  19. Congrats to all those that made it to the end, I could never finish that in two days.

  20. I WOULD LOVE TO… watch this on tv.
    From the confort of my couch.
    With a big bowl of chocolate cereals, and promising to myself : "I'm working out first thing in the morning tomorrow!"

  21. this is not the world's toughest adventure race by any means

  22. Almost hard to keep up with the text with such cool dramatic visuals going on

  23. Wow, How do you prepare for a run like this if you want to finish?

  24. Hey national geographic can you get some new articles so I can stop seeing the same one about how Trump is changing everything.

  25. müslman lar يا مسلمين
    الله اكبر

  26. not sure what i like more national geographic or bbc earth, prob national.

  27. i don't think this is World's Toughest Adventure Race ….we do this kind of "trips" all the time in my country (normal day for us)..its not about race..its about surviving…

  28. How many have died so far?

  29. Mercenaries should be dispatched to hunt the runners.

  30. I'm so interested. Need a team.

  31. wow!! adventure indeed. where do I sing up!!!

  32. Only 76 out of the 326 participants made it to the finish line…INCREDIBLY AMAZING RACERS!!!

  33. Um… ever hear of the Barkley Marathons? This isn't the toughest adventure race people.

  34. Hold up, where do I sign up??!

  35. Um did you ever here if the Barkley Marathons? Only 15 have ever finished this race in over thirty years. Seriously look it up. The elevation change is insane! Its equivalent to hiking up and down Everest……… TWICE!

  36. I would like to try this one day.

  37. Dangerous but its fun, nice video 👍👍👍

  38. Banged up Abroad series plzzzzz

  39. Que adrenalina e poder de perseverança! Correr por gosto não cansa!? Então acabaram só 76 num universo de 365? se 365-100% – 76-x = 22,8% terminaram …que grande desfalque …e mesmo uma corrida difícil!!
    Dá para analisar que os percursos são demasiado sinuosos e difíceis de per(correr) ….É uma corrida com imensos obstáculos …não há endurance…cheia de suspen(são)…Uns atingiram a. meta é outros perderam-se de cansados pelo caminho e desistiram ao menos celebraram a natureza?!!

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