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Inspector General Report Finds FBI Probe Into Trump Campaign And Russia Was Justified | NBC News

A long-awaited report by an internal Justice Department watchdog found that the investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign’s ties to Russia was justified, despite the FBI mishandling part’s of the probe.
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Inspector General Report Finds FBI Probe Into Trump Campaign And Russia Was Justified | NBC News


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  1. This headline is so misleading.

  2. That was not what he said

  3. Really? That's how you see it. I am a rampant liberal and this is how I see it. The FBI lied and withheld evidence to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on a presidential campaign. People should go to jail, a lot of people. One more thing, next fall (unless the democrat party nominates Tulsi Gabbard) I will vote for Trump. When they stole the nomination from Bernie last time, I just stayed home and did not vote. This time I will go crazy!!!!!!!!!

  4. NBC as a whole is a LIE. Shame

  5. Its justified and not uncommon for the fbi to open an investigation. Its what they did during the investigation that was wrong.

  6. Notice how they say anything other than spying? Electronic eavesdropping…lol

  7. Talk about a very misleading headline. No one was vindicated, according to Horowitz.

  8. Love how this media organization says it’s justified. Wait till Durham ends his criminal investigation. Major corruption at the top (Obama)

  9. WTF? are you serious? are we talking on the same IG report? so FAKE man, dont twist it. Unsubscribe!

  10. There is no need for anyone to cry.
    Democracy is the only way.

  11. NBC is propaganda for the deep state. It's probably filled with CIA agents.

  12. FBI lied on FISA application. They
    Do not make a mistake like forgetting to tell the court that Page was working for the CIA and is
    Completely innocent.

  13. — > Hopefully, the media will give the testimony of IG Horowitz more scrutiny.
    1) Evidently, Carter Page and MIchael Flynn were questioned by confidential human sources before and after they joined the Trump campaign but IG Horowitz testified that the FBI did NOT place any confidential human sources (spies) INTO the Trump campaign

    2) The FBI did brief the Trump campaign, warning them about Russian interference… but it was a different kind of briefing that included a 302 report on Michael Flynn because he was the subject of an FBI investigation at the time, probably the FARA violations. There was no policy about using a 302 in this kind of briefing.
    3) IG Horowitz testified that he and U.S. Attorney Durham shared information after AG Barr got the report in Sept 2019. Horowitz is not aware of any information that Durham could have that is different than what he has.

    4) According to the testimony of IG Horowitz, the "mistake" in the Carter Page FISA was not made by an FBI agent but by a lower-level line attorney between the FBI and the NSA.. The FBI agent tried to clarify the FISA. IG Horowitz did not identify a reason for the "mistakes",
    … Maybe what the lawyer meant by "not a source" was that they didn't recruit Carter Page as a CHS. According to IG Horowitz, the FBI did not place any confidential human sources into the Trump campaign…. indicating "not a source".

    According to IG Horowitz, they didn't know about the so-called "mistake" and file the additional "undisclosed" information until June of 2017; they didn't know about the "not a source error" until June of 2018 and no one was really aware of the altered memo until August 2019. Strzok had transitioned off the team by Jan 17, 2017 Comey and McCabe were already gone by May 2016. That's long before the mistake was discovered in 2018 – 2019. There's no evidence that they knew of the alleged "mistake".

    Thanks to Republicans (with public approval by Carter Page) forcing the full disclosure of the FISA, it was reported, in the media, that Carter Page had been caught up in a sting operation against Russian spies (2013-2014), who were deported, His tenure as a "source" with the FBI was probably during that time. Since he was not a "source", I expect his statements to the media would not be exculpatory.
    …." President Trump and House Republicans are declassifying documents to allege the campaign aide was spied on by Hillary Clinton partisans, but the FBI had been investigating Page’s ties to Russian intelligence for years." (The Atlantic, Sept. 19, 2019)
    Carter Page Is a Very Unlikely GOP Hero’
    https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/09/carter-page-is-a-very-unlikely-gop-hero/570655/not in his report and his opinion was not changed by statements to the media by Barr and/or Durham.

  14. Hilary Clinton campaign WAS in COLLUSION with HIGH LEVEL officials in the FBI . The FBI falsified the FISA application

  15. FBI broke the law by falsifying information on the FISA application.

  16. Russian asset NBC lied (again) about the corrupt FBI. Blindly following the D-rats’ narrative. Just communist propaganda.

  17. This is such a fake news!!! How about the 17 irregularities and omissions.

  18. The IG "received no satisfactory explanation about how these things happened." Oh, yeah, totally justified, for sure.

  19. As your reporter himself points out "the Steele dossier was critical in the FBI's decision to seek this surveillance warrant on Carter Page." As we know now, the Steele dossier is a pile of crap. And as we also know now, as your reporter says, the FBI knew it was crap and withheld info showing it was crap so they could get the FISA warrant, just like Republican critics have been saying.

  20. Yeah, that's not what the report says. MSNBC liars…

  21. This title has been shown by the actual hearings to be a complete LIE. The initial opening of a "look see" was justified. The continuation of the investigation was NOT justified. The FBI knew very early on that Team Trump was innocent yet persecuted him for 2 more years.

  22. I'll vote for Trump. I don't like him at all. But I know when people fake the news and lie . Its obvious Trump isn't guilty ..

    My vote for Trump is my fk you and middle finger to the left

  23. Ig is limited in scope. Listen to Barr. It was a scam.


  25. was that guy supposed to be a journalist?

  26. At least nbc was fair today but the AG has more power of investigation this is just a tipping point IG CONCLUTION is different from his findings the findings has a very big indictment for the fBi and remember this ig was appointed by president obama

  27. The Australian guy gave $6 million to the Clinton Foundation…..Don't ya think that is a little funny???????

  28. So what did the fbi's findings on Trump say?

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