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Outfit one –
Jumpsuit – http://bit.ly/2ofoprF
Necklace – http://bit.ly/32IxNTB
Bag – http://bit.ly/2MHHmMP
Sandals – http://bit.ly/33WZ0lB
Earrings – http://bit.ly/2oeah1I

Outfit two –
Dress – http://bit.ly/2MIqB4f
Bag – http://bit.ly/2NclIPS
Sandals – http://bit.ly/33WZ0lB

Outfit three –
Hat – http://bit.ly/2N7sRkG
Dress – http://bit.ly/2W9qK3P (similar)
Shoes – http://bit.ly/2Pd9zNd

Outfit four –
Dress – http://bit.ly/32GdW7C
Hat – http://bit.ly/2N7sRkG

Outfit five –
Mini dress – http://bit.ly/32GSVcM
Hat – http://bit.ly/2N7sRkG
Basket bag – http://bit.ly/31FYh6P

Outfit six –
White dress – http://bit.ly/2MGlxgQ
Necklace – http://bit.ly/2BF1Kbb
Basket bag – http://bit.ly/31FYh6P

Outfit seven –
Blush belted dress – http://bit.ly/31L2HJE
Sandals – http://bit.ly/2BFtblg
Bag – http://bit.ly/2NclIPS

Outfit eight –
White dress – http://bit.ly/2p0hhjk

Outfit nine –
Zimmerman shorts – http://bit.ly/2Jfb1uM
Crop top – http://bit.ly/361tGnO (similar)

Outfit ten –
Blouse – http://bit.ly/33ZbedG
Zimmerman shorts – http://bit.ly/2Jfb1uM
White boots – http://bit.ly/33ZRxlT

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  1. Whelp I won’t be staying at the Sands hotel next time we’re in Palm Springs.

  2. your outfits are amazing you both really look like California girls. Thanks so much for sharing this vlog I love it so much

  3. Hi We area a Market Community of small producers of handmade indigenous products!
    Please visit us .We hope you help support our project by folllowing us! Thank you. wayuumarket.com

  4. PS. What Camera did you use? The palms and hills/Mountains both came out so well! Ha Ha! That is a such a shame! You got kicked out, insane! You are both amazing people!

  5. I love the Atlas, I rented one about a month or so ago. Cool truck. LA is beautiful. Gorgeous pic at Sierra. I wish I had thought to shoot pics while I was there. I only got a few pictures. Most are NOT instagrammable, lol. Maybe next time! Great Video as usual Josie. You are the absolute best!

  6. Arh Josie, fabulous! can't tell you how much I enjoyed watching you and Freddy. Looked like you had an amazing time.x 😄

  7. Nice video! Which trainers are you wearing at Runyun Canyon?

  8. Carmel by the sea California the best place

  9. Your outfits and sunglasses fit right in for Palm Springs🌴 You look like a local😊 I love Palm Springs. It’s about 1 & 1/2 hrs from my home so it’s a great weekend getaway that we love to do👙👛🌴🌺🍸🛍
    BTW I love your new hair style….the length of your hair looks stunning on you🌸

  10. Outfit 3 dress where is this from? You never seem to link it. Thanks so much.

  11. I love your videos. ALLLLLL of them!! You asked on Instagram (?) why you think this video has so many fewer views. And when I first saw it pop up on my feed – I believe it was the title that threw me off! Instagram guide – even though that is what it is intended to be – didn't thrill me like some of your other titles have! I LOVE your work, I LOVE you and Freddy together, and I hope you won't take this comment with any negativity – I love what you create!!!

  12. Freddy 25:39! I love your goofy side ladies ;D Felt happy after watching this, thank you both! <3

  13. Oh I loved this so much! I'd talked myself out of buying 2 hats today but seeing this o now want both 😂haha. I must say I know bloggers can get given a hard time about this being your profession, but watching this it's so incredible the lengths you go to to create such beautiful content, as well the planning involved and this is just such a small part of everything you do. Very inspiring , especially as a career in our modern day world. Keep up been amazing! Your doing such a amazing job! 🌷🌸🌷🌸💕

  14. On Behalf of the staff at The Sands Palm Springs; I apologize for the "mixed message" they displayed. Back in the Day (60 years ago) Palms Springs was known as the "Playground for the Screen Stars" on Hiatus from filming AND being a :no Tell" playground for those having" illicit affairs"of multiple "persuasions" to put it delicately. The place is no doubt living up to its sordid "past"! Truly enjoyed the montage of Beverly Hills!

  15. josie you’re so stunning! i love your style so much and your content is just the best 💗💗

  16. Best tour guide in the world. I love that outfit you wore in the beginning. Thanks for the video Josie!

  17. wear less zimmerman in one video, too much of one brand and not enough outfit inspiration

  18. Didn’t it feel weird driving in the other side of the road? When I first came to the states, I was so confused!

  19. Awesome guide to Palm Springs Josie! Can’t believe that hotel kicked you out even though you were paying customers. Their loss! 😂💁🏻‍♀️

  20. How awful that the hotel staff wasn’t more gracious and elegant when asking to to leave. So sorry that happened in my stomping ground. Ugh 😫

  21. I haven't been to a designer outlet store in a long time. Next time I'm in California I am definitely heading to the ones you and Freddy went to!What great bargains!!!!
    A note on the hotel management that kicked you out… I'm wondering if maybe someone started to complain and that's why they changed their mind. Even in that case they should have said something and apologized for telling you that you couldn't shoot pics after giving you permission. I would definitely call and speak with a PR person. At least then you'll know. if you find something out be sure and let us all know and we'll either know to seek out that hotel or stay away from it.😉❣️

  22. Thank you so much for this lovely and enjoyable clog Josie! You are my absolute favorite YouTube and your clogs are just the best! Wish you to get to the 500k subscribers point in the nearest future and then to go up to the million! You absolutely deserve that! Love from Ukraine!

  23. Great to see you and the sun x

  24. The Sands hotel is beautiful, old, historic and full of rich famous people who don't want a bunch of instagrammers taking pictures. I'm not defending or judging just informing. I could have told you the manager was being kind to let you take " a few" discreet shots. They are probably booked several years in advance so I doubt they care if they are on your blog. Sorry but it's very different in SoCal.

  25. You out did yourself with this video.
    Love you and Freddy .Glamorous duo .

  26. OMG I love it I wish we could go back!!! xxxxx

  27. How are you still classy when a hotel kicks you out for no reason? You were still complimentary and kind about the location, which I guess just emphasises how unreasonable and rude they were. Not a place I will bother visiting. If they treat people like you and Freddy that poorly, I dread to think what they'd think of me haha! Great video xxx

  28. What's the name of blogger from LA?

  29. Josie, do you ever have any slight confusion being on the left or right while driving? 😊🚘😊💗Cheers n tyvm

  30. Lucky girls, thanks for sharing. Beautiful

  31. So good Josie!! You two are the best together.

  32. I love both of you, is so refreshing to see women supporting each other, you are the best.

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