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Instagram Responds To Selena Gomez Leaving The App

Instagram Responds To Selena Gomez Leaving The App

Selena Gomez gets a response from Instagram’s boss after revealing the app made her depressed. Zendaya switches up her look and fans are LOVING IT. Plus, is Justin Bieber doubting his marriage to Hailey Baldwin? #SelenaGomez #Zendaya #JustinBieber

This week went pretty well for Taylor Swift (and her fans). On April 13, the singer, 29, started a cryptic countdown to April 26, which basically meant that every Swiftie on the planet was freaking out immensely over the past week. Ahead of Friday, though, Taylor was incredibly active on Instagram, sharing plenty of pastel pics that we now know were close-up shots from the music video for her lead single “ME!” Her strategic social media strategy and active postings are what earned her the title of Instagram Queen of the Week!’

Read More: https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/04/27/taylor-swift-instagram-queen-new-single-pastel-pics-photos/
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Instagram Responds To Selena Gomez Leaving The App


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  1. Do you like Zendaya as a red head?

  2. Coming from another story about Justin and seeing the disgusting things some of his fans were writing about her I can't blame her. It was honestly heartbreaking to think she reads these kinds of comments. People need to realise that words hurt deeper than they'll ever realise. Please be kind ❤️

  3. How can an app makes you depressed ? I’m sorry but I really don’t understand people who said that

  4. Zendaya looks stunning 😍

  5. Hailey should too that girl can't catch a break people are so ruthless

  6. Subribe me please everybody:)

  7. She actually left beacuse of worldrecord egg

  8. It was good for her to leave instagram. It's not beneficial for anyone

  9. Selana gomez this Selena gomez that my god something new people plz🙄🙄🙄🙄

  10. Hailey is ti lazy and dumb to be with a stupid girl like her we all knew he will get tire of her

  11. Depressed cause she's not the most followed one anymore😏💩

  12. She left for a good reason . Maybe for some peace ✌🏾

  13. Not happy ahhh Justin Hines haha I knew it Helena wins again…

  14. Selena Gomez, you shouldn't erase your photos. In fact put it all there for your future jobs. The hell with the negative things people say. People will always talk. You have to be a smart mouth to people who talk shit. Photos will sell you for business. Come on this is the business world. Get on the wagon. We're Strong Latinas.Put on your Big Girl Panties. We're here for you. We Luv you.💙💙

  15. If the Justin Bieber thing is true, he really needs to reevaluate his circle of friends. I'm just saying…

  16. Did you see camila and Shawn new post it's so shawmila

  17. i’m usually no longer using instagram because it causes me to be extremely depressed, so i really don’t blame selena.

  18. I deactivated my instagram account two months now…
    Hey I'm nobody so no one cares 😢

  19. Only here for Selena Gomez😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  20. What's new? selena is always depressed and feeling sorry for herself for every lil thing.

  21. Bieber was so cute as a kid
    now he looks weird and idk ew

  22. I feel like she just gotta stop reading her comments.

  23. Instagram gonna change their entire system around just so Selena can re-download the app. HER POWER AMAZES ME

  24. “According to a source close to _______”

  25. Instead of Instagram she should get foto 😉
    It’s like Instagram but different in a way
    btw if you see this add me there @leilaniii sorry for that self promo 💀😂

  26. I feel like Justin and Hailey are good together tho🧐🧐🧐 Hope they are💛

  27. Instagram rep missed the point!!!! Not about bullying, it's about the focus on looking perfect and happy, rich and free.

  28. I wonder what "good friend" of biebers would run to the paparazi unless…the "source" is someone the paps are stalking..or its just bullshit because hailey is ignorons the paparazi alot more now…

  29. DO A VIDEO ON SHAWN MENDES AND CAMILA!!!!! their new instagram posts

  30. She needs a bra that lifts her boobs up higher. She always looks strangely saggy for a youth


  32. She's the only celebrity i follow on instagram 😫

  33. Old news on JB… he said that back on February when he was in a bad place. They are fine now

  34. if Instagram is making you depressed, there's something wrong with YOU NOT instagram. get to the reason why.

  35. I’m so sick of Selena complaining learn from Taylor just disable your comments or be like drake limit the comments. The whole world loves her. I barley see any bad comments about her. I wish she can see how blessed she really is stop the depression crap. There people here really suffering. People get bullied everyday.

  36. What a lot of people dont realize it that depression can have a negative effect on people who have lupis and their health. Its important that Selena does what she can to keep a positive environment as much as she can, and getting away from Instagram is a part of that.

  37. I quitted instagram too.My problem wasn't bullying but people show a very much fake lifestyle in it. Everybody's rich, everybody's happy, life's perfect while in real life that's not even close. Someone gets killed people change their pfp to change the world like as if it will.A baby gets raped everybody just puts stories about it with "hashtags" #wewantjustice #sheneedsjustice while that doesn't even help their family or to stop the next crime in any way.Everyone is just a keyboard warrior and nobody has a freaking gut to stand against crime or injustice in reality.

  38. Zendayas hair looks INCREDIBLE 😍😍😍 shes never looked better suits her perfect

  39. Better leave her career as well

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