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Intel Hades Canyon NUC review

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  1. Does the RX Vega M GH/GL support FreeSync Technology?

  2. Thanks in advance. Anyone please tell me about its noise. Is it too noisy? I mean in normal use.

  3. Sorry , but I prefer the 8GB DDR4 RAM memory of Chuwi HiGame!

  4. Do you ever heard before about HiGame, if not these provide extra advantages over NUC.
    It loaded with following specifications;

    1) 8GB DDR4 memory
    2) 128/256 GB SSD
    3) HiGame got windows 10 OS

  5. Anyone familar with Chuwi ? A mini PC HiGame is coming to Indiegogo with Core I7 processor with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics and RAM+storage+system is all included.

  6. You say "liquid cooler" but that NUC has a vapor chamber. It's a pretty important difference. Vapor chambers don't have pumps or flowing water like liquid coolers. It's also not a heat pipe because heat pipes are directional in their heat transfer.

  7. где его можно купить

  8. Can we use to play in tv led?

  9. Have 4 of earlier generations, is this i7 dead silent? My other i7:s sounds like a jet when compiling. This is a deal breaker for me.

  10. This is pretty cool but you keep saying "NUC" without explaining what it means, and that's literally the only reason I clicked this video, was to find that out. What the NUC!?

  11. please lose the stupid bg music

  12. Doom 3. Yikes thats definitely a sign you dont know what you doing

  13. 1000$ for an Empty box lol trash

  14. intel: n. military intelligence

  15. Just need Banksy to write Gavin Belsons signature.

  16. @Engadget
    Hi there, did you test its performance with content creation? How did perform with photo & video editing, and 3D rendering?

    I'd really love to know! Thanks

    Great video as always👌😍😄

  17. Apple please. Just sell this in aluminum with an Apple Logo on it! Mac mini solved….

  18. You review like you are not a tеch. First on the front blue USB port is 3.1 not 3.0 and support 10 Gb/s wich is huge difference. Second USB type С may be 3.0 and may be 3.1, sou you had to mention that this is another 3.1 port with 10 Gb/s support. And the rest. You say about it's features like it is "nothing new" without even сщьзкуртсштп what you actually hold in hands.

  19. Love the siracha ornament LOL

  20. am I the only one that still hates the NUC name. I mean its terrible imo

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