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Intel keynote at Computex 2019 in 11 minutes

Intel keynote at Computex 2019 in 11 minutes

Intel showed off a number of improved processors, and finally officially announced its 10th gen line of chips, based on their 10nm Ice Lake cores. Details are still scarce, but these chips should start showing up in ultra-portable laptops this year.

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  1. Intel CEO dreaming like : i99999ninenineninenineneineinnein..nein…NEIN AMD NEIN !

  2. "Announcing Intel 4004…"

  3. wow this is sooo boring, Intel, we maybe see each other in 2024 or so if J.Keller will get you something that make sense on the market.

  4. Wow, Intel has really gone to shit.

  5. All new intel 10nm are preloaded with zombieload apps that automatically run even if the system was asleep.

  6. Even if intel release the 9900ks every one still wait and buy amd 12core 😂

  7. The presentation looks like a TeleShopping informecial. Look at how great our products look. You can be great too, for only two thousand dollars, … maybe a little more.

  8. sell more expensive, cut out celeron and pentium those rubbish

  9. AMD; were launching a chip that outperforms intel at half the price

    Intel: this laptop has a built in photpshop editor

  10. Meh! First look at yourself for putting big prices on products.

  11. Intel : No one can beat us
    AMD : Wait till July 7

  12. I think the maximizer might be meh. Other then that all garbage.

  13. he sounds like hes going to cry

  14. And that's why I'm switching to AMD for once after being with Intel since the start …

  15. So for desktop they wont have anything except another refresh in 2021 so no 10nm in their roadmap

  16. 10 nano meter – 10 nano meter – first 10 nanometer – 10 nanometer blah blah amazing blah blaah – ryzen is on 7nm haha

  17. Nobody:

    AMD: 7 nm, 12 Cores, $ 499

    INTEL: 10 nm yay

  18. After being Intel user since almost forever. If I didnt have an 8700k I would gladly buy a full amd system right now. And if AMD keeps being so great, my next system will be full red.

    Finally some competition. Used my i7 860 until the 8700k came out since i thought "4 cores? I already have that…"

  19. Despite the fact that Ryzen is better than Intel now in performance and budget too

  20. Their display looks like the shelves at a backwater BestBuy store. They sound and look on their heels.

  21. The comments are more exciting than the video

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