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Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers reportedly cut off supplies to Huawei

Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers reportedly cut off supplies to Huawei

This could have a devastating effect on Huawei’s business.

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  1. No more Intel and Google? So, they're removing the cancer from our phones, awesome!

  2. Trade war is fun for the corporations and the consumer is the one who really looses. Thanks. I'll stick to my 2 year old phone till y'all work stuff out. Excuse me while I clear memory and restart. Don't bother me none. LOL

  3. Use one word to describe Huawei (now)

  4. i was just thinking of buying the Huawei Mate Book X Pro

  5. These move will push Huawei to manufacture their own chip and develop their own firmware and become very successful at it.

  6. i hope huawei rises up from ashes like a phoenix bird with it's own os and hardware
    50 million huawei devices with their own os means every developer has to develop their apps compatible for huawei devices

  7. Why does she keep moving. Is she urinating

  8. 0:28 until wattt !!!!!!!!!!! (what is that cut off)

  9. Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer and the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer. They'll figure it out. Their biggest costumers isn't even the US, and they have a number of alternatives of chip suppliers to go for… it'll make their devices worse and weaker, but it's all about the size of the company and all the partnerships and large enterprise sized costumers they already have.
    The problem is on how China is gonna respond to stuff like this, that's the real thing. This is what press should be focusing on. At this point, it can be anything from trying to reverse this decision and just waiting until the US has an administration that is less stupid and less prepotent than the current, or they could respond in kind forcing some key chinese companies to stop doing business with american ones. It will hurt pretty badly for chinese economy, but it would be even worse for american companies and the economy in general.
    It's surprising how some american politicians and people still don't know how much they rely on chinese companies to make stuff they use on a daily basis. The wake up call could be brutal.

  10. Trade war has just intensified 🤔

  11. if you want your personal information to be controlled by Chinese government,then keep using Huawei.

  12. If Lecia stop supplying parts for Huawei, it would be the killing shoot

  13. All these crying for huawei. All they have to do is switch on their honor game.

    For their matebook maybe it's endgame, no intel, no windows.

    I'm also worried about DJI, they are the best consumer drones, please don't cripple the us drone market. Maybe parrot can take over. Or GoPro again.

  14. I am with the best xiaomi

  15. So Microsoft is a US company also right…No more windows to Huawei?

  16. Stupid move from the US government, this will hurt tech companies, and Google is losing millions of users.

  17. its time for Asia to make own mobile OS, PC OS, "google" company, im happy to switch

  18. Huawei is playing tough to maintain face to the public and strength to their shareholders, but this is literally a death nail for their global marketshare. Their home market may be unaffected by google retraction, but the loss of the Chip sets would wreck their stronghold in China against other Chinese manufacturers. They claim to have plan B in motion with in house Chip in development, but I highly doubt it is ready for the large market or else it'll be all over the news already. Now they are definitely rushing development on those in house Chip. This probably gonna play out as bad as me cramming overnight for an exam next morning. Sadly unlike Apple, most android users are not brand loyalists, we switch readily between phone brands that offer better services, that's the beauty of share eco-system between brands.

  19. This isn't about the trade war. That's about tariffs. This is about the DoD's suspicions that Huawei is using its tech to spy. I suspect they presented evidence to these companies and warned them to cut off Huawei or face the consequences.

  20. Jealous US burning cos of Huawei

  21. Ironically, While Huawei has no evidence of wrong doing. The US is literally doing everything it accuses Huawei of doing. No reasonable nation does something like this, it is essentially a sanction

  22. just…. don't trust China

  23. The intro volume is about 200x louder than the video. Please don't do that.

  24. You guys didnt fucking mention the fact that this was a government forced decision I think you should mention that because it can lead to mis understandings and bad PR

  25. Won't be buying any US products in the future, and currently looking to replace our current US-based tech with alternative options.

  26. What people dont remember is China themselves also ban the use of google

  27. These Companies and Donald Trump will be regretful because of what they have done!!! VERY VERY STUPID DECISION… I was thinking these Companies and Donald Trump were smart

  28. Question is what is really going on

  29. is it just me or it this thread filled with chinese bots trying to spin this towards a "poor huawei" story.
    gosh, shouldn't have cooperated with the human rights violating communist party and government then…

  30. USA the land of the free market

  31. Chinese companies are thus forced to develop their own chipsets and everything, and then US companies lose the market forever.

  32. I want China to do the same with US.

  33. Great, so every customer who ever bought a Huawei phone is screwed and stuck without Android updates. Thanks 'murica for screwing once again the rest of the world with your stupid trade war.

  34. Will I be able to use the original Huawei watch (Android Wear 2.0 updatable) I was about to buy on ebay?

  35. Trump banned them from doing anything with Huawei…

  36. Tim Apple probably smiling at this until he realised his largest market is the chinese market….
    Huawei softly falls on the cushions of the chinese government smiles back…… lol

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