Intense Police Chase And Carjacking | Archives | NBC News

Chopper video captures a dramatic car chase tied to an Amber Alert in Colorado.
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Intense Police Chase And Carjacking | Archives | NBC News


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  1. even in france I lock my doors

  2. Его, пидора на часик на снежку оставить полежать…

  3. Estos si son policias, no las mierdas de México.

  4. Que desastre de país. Delincuencia y más delincuencía.

  5. I know the point of this video is a car jacker but that snow though looks beautiful

  6. Can't believe her door was unlocked.

  7. So this carjacking was connected to an amber alert…so make that pos chill out in the cold Canadian snow for a while…

  8. Ich wünschte Deutsche Beamte hätten auch keinen Tesar, es würde in Germanien /Germany einiges verbessern,zu wissen kurz zu Leiden ist schmerzlicher als erschossen zu werden Denke ich.

  9. Sería bueno q lo vieran matado ese hijo de puta

  10. I hope that one day in Peru. The police officers will act as the police officers in USA. Greetings from Tablada de Lurin, Villa María del Triunfo, Lima, Perú!

  11. this douch plays too many vodeo games.

  12. That's why I love America

  13. He must be playing gta at home all the time and his mom asked him to do some work. But what he did?

  14. Why people don't lock the doors???

  15. Me gusta como trabaja la policía de EEUU

  16. if the cop wasn't there, the suspect would of had another chance to hi jack another vehicle.

  17. Parabéns a vocês policial vocês sim ten que ganha bem

  18. Imagine if she had a baby in the backseat

  19. Bad people chasing bad people!

  20. Just a gentle giant loved by all .

  21. I mean when you have a shot at actually getting away, ok go ahead and see if u can make something happen…but wheb u have 20 cops behind u plus a helicopter cmon…ALL of that was COMPLETLY unnecessary.

  22. Cảnh sát bên nước này số 1

  23. Ty debilu na co ty liczyłeś.

  24. And we get shot in our homes.

  25. Why the heck did she open the door? C'mon Becky you should've floored it and call the police.

  26. Police barge into mans shoots and kills him while eating ice cream, vicious dangerous carjacker crashes into people using vehicle as weapon, gets tackled. Better really really hope there isnt a real afterlife

  27. Lady in silver car is dumbest person ever.

  28. That carjacker is totally "BUSTED"!!!

  29. Стелять на месте эту мразь.

  30. اهبل كان لازم يتريض عشان يقفز من الحاجز ليش ما تدرب وتاكل سمن بلدي وعسل ؟ اهبل

  31. He deserves to die. No joking.

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