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Interview: How Chiara Ferragni Gets the ‘Blonde’ in The Blonde Salad

In 2009, Italian digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni started The Blonde Salad, a blog that was essentially a visual potpourri of her fashion choices and travel exploits. By 2017, Forbes took notice, naming Ferragni (by then the CEO of her own fashion line, the Chiara Ferragni Collection) one of the world’s most influential people. That same year, a little beauty company called Lancôme came calling and asked Ferragni to lend her impeccable Italian tastes (and wide blue eyes) to a limited-edition selection of things to put on your lips, lids, lashes, and cheeks. The results? Well, it’s safe to say nothing got lost in translation:

On the item she feels naked without:

“Mascara. I never [forget to] put mascara on. I remember my mom wearing Monsieur Big when I was a kid.”

Packshot Pro

On her beauty pet peeve:

“A big, heavy beauty case. Most people live life on the go. I really wanted a palette that had a little bit of everything. There are four eye shadows, three highlighters, four lipsticks, and one lipgloss in the one I created with Lancôme.”

Courtesy of Brand

On her winking logo:

“I’ve always loved how much you can tell about someone from their eyes. I have a little blue eye tattooed on my left ring finger.”


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