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Interview with Sony CEO Kaz Hirai | Engadget At CES 2013

Interview with Sony CEO Kaz Hirai | Engadget At CES 2013

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4K TVs and streaming? The Xperia Z? The death of the PlayStation 2? Just a few topics of conversation as our own Editor-in-chief Tim Stevens sat down for a one-on-one interview with Sony CEO Kaz Hirai. Continue reading: http://goo.gl/2hQFL.

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  1. So much has changed in 5 years. 5.5"+ is the new normal phone display size. Sony should have kept the Xperia Z name.

  2. That guy makes over 100 million dollars a year. Still only about a quarter of Tim Cook's salary (I included Kaz's Bonus with his base salary, but I think Tim Cook may just be the base salary).

  3. long live all the genius, so we can laid back and play games

  4. Hiroshi Yamauchi is, aka Nintendo

  5. Well ,back in 1984, it was Nintendo ( not trolling )

  6. love you kaz ! love sony xperia z and duo 11 ….13 love all about sony and DLNA and NFC

  7. Bill Gates is the savior of gaming.

    Long live the PC.

  8. 8:23 kaz trolling about next gen… 10 days after, playstation meeting is announced 🙂

  9. We could probably combine the z and the l, oh look we did just that lol.

  10. He would beat the shit out of bill gates

  11. I'd say "regular guy in a suit" is a pretty good impression compared to how a corporate executive could be usually seen as.

  12. i pretty much agree with you. the only e3 that could rival this year e3 was e3 1995 but that's just my take though

  13. Before, I only saw the memes of him and thought he was a corrupt CEO, but after hearing him here, you must be right now that I see his reign started just last year and their E3 conference was fucking phenomenal- the best conference by far that I ever watched.

  14. A water proof smart phone? I could go for that o.o

  15. Hmm, interesting. That still doesn't explain what's stopping Watty.

  16. So Kaz can speak incredibly clear English, but Iwata can't be bothered? Am I missing something, or is there an actual reason why Nintendo's big man won't be coached?

  17. Plus his dad was a very wealthy and connected Japanese banker so he got to travel around the world from a young age with him…He also has a liberal arts degree which helps to broaden the mind n aid in creativity n understanding.

  18. to most folks, he's just a regular guy in suit. but to sony diehards, he's a hero

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