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Iowa Democratic Party Chair Says Delay In Results Was 'Categorically Unacceptable' | NBC News

Iowa Democratic Party Troy Price called the delay in reporting the Iowa caucus results “categorically unacceptable” while giving an update on their progress.
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Iowa Democratic Party Chair Says Delay In Results Was ‘Categorically Unacceptable’ | NBC News


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  1. Categorically Unacceptable?
    Who made the mess?
    Why you quit from your job and stop eating cookies?

  2. One candidate paid for the system to count the votes and that candidate won? It is pretty clear what happened. Tony knows EXACTLY what happened. The DNC is more embarrassing than Trump. 6 days to count paper trail is a joke. It should only take a few hours. This is a dirty lie covered up by the news media.

  3. Gotta wonder why he hasn’t been replaced yet due to his incompetence- oh wait, he’s doing exactly what the corrupt DNC want him to do and rig the results! In that case, carry on!

  4. didn't do what they wanted it to do, throw it to joe lol.

  5. Categorically corrupt more like it.

  6. Primer paso de una incipiente dictadura…destruir la oposición….RIP…

  7. Democrats produce 💩 💩 💩

  8. All from the party that just impeached a president because of the "sanctity of elections"… now I get it. It's only if you get the "guy" you want. I won't be surprised to find out later that sour grapes Hillary helped personally select the identity politic that is mayor rat fink "I can lie in 7 languages".

  9. This is how the Democratic primaries are shaping up.
    Elizabeth Clinton and Amy will retire after New Hampshire and Back the Mayor Pete.
    Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Amy will all gang up on Bernie in Nevada. This will be Bernie's Waterloo.
    Mike Bloomberg will win the primaries and make Mayor Pete his V.P.
    No Bernie Sanders supporters will vote for Bloomberg and Trump will win a massive landslide.
    Joe Biden will retire in the country and raise chchchchchickkkkkkkens…..

  10. The damage is done, but sure why not?

  11. ask any woman how long it takes to earn trust back

  12. People need to face the facts the democrat party is finished in America .

  13. Why don't you MSNBC, call out Tom Perez for his sabotage on Bernie. Troy Price is a puppet. Go to the top. Do your job – send a journalist if you have any left – ask the REAL questions. Ask about the INTEGRITY of the DNC because as of right now, they're "going to work to finalize" the fleecing of democracy in America.

  14. What the DNC did in Iowa was methodical, every release of information had a narrative that played behind it.

  15. Fake results bruh. We counted more people than you reported. Everybody knows your results are tainted!!!! Forensic review? You should be ashamed of yourself !

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