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Iowa Or New Hampshire: Which Is Better At Predicting Presidential Nominees? | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Steve Kornacki looks back at election cycles past to see if the Iowa caucus or the New Hampshire primary is better at predicting a Democratic nominee.
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Iowa Or New Hampshire: Which Is Better At Predicting Presidential Nominees? | NBC News NOW


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  1. Democrats are losers. Trump2020

  2. Pete Butti will win 0 on super tuesday not even close, no hope for him

  3. Im not voting for moderates anymore. If a moderate becomes the nominee I'll skip the general.

  4. You are ignoring the rest of the country a few thousand people does not decide let the rest of us ✅ vote

  5. When the black vote comes in.

  6. I don't understand why Donald Trump going to tell his face that he is cutting 9 billion dollars from Medicaid 9 billion from Medicare in a hundred billion from disability insurancebecause all Donald Trump has to do is tell his face the truth and they would say that's a good thing to cut Medicaid Medicare and disability insurance by that muchthey would love for him to cut all those things by that much but he got up at the State of the Union in lied about it allbecause his base with love for him to cut all those programs they will be cheering him on to cut Medicaid Medicare disability insurance because they agree with everything Donald Trump says so why don't you just tell them the truth the budget was read today on MSNBC news and it was read on Fox news yesterday saying social programs in the safety net and the safety net programs is disability insurance social security Medicare and Medicaid and disability insurance and his base would love that he's cutting all those type of programs like thatso why did he have to lie about that at the State of the Union then when the budget was red off this is what he's cutting they would love it his baseeverything he says and does its right to his base and that would be just right and right up their alley they would be cheering cutting social security disability insurance Medicaid and Medicare they would be cheering that on so why did he lie to his base at the all he called them the uneducated

  7. Where everybody in the world knows that Donald Trump lied at the Union addressbeef patty Medicaid social security disability insurance that is in the budget food stamps lunch programs they're cutting infection control in many more environmental so now we know he is a barbituate liar Eastern European lie to the American people saying at the unionikigai he will not cut disability insurance and he lied and said he will not cut Medicaid and Medicare he would not cut pre-existing in the Democrats is on fire because he's cutting all those programs social security 9 billion dollars Medicaid and Medicare social security disability a hundred billion this is all in his budget to get rid of in 20/20 budgetand he got up there in the house gave his Union speech and just lied again to the American publicso while his supporters that is on disability insurance and his supporters that is on Medicaid and Medicare in disability insurance you better be listening to the news about what heis cutting and he's in all of this would have affected you got somebody in a nursing home it affects the hospitals we would not be able to get the care that we need anymoreI don't understand why would he take away disability insurance that we pay into working out our lives and Medicaid and Medicarebut he would lie to the American public and say he's not cutting that when the budget was read today on MSNBC on what it's in the 2020 budget

  8. Berning Hampshire! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Both states are going to Trump.

  10. Whichever one that predicts that the Republicans will cheat and steal the 2020 election.

    Trump is a traitor and a criminal.  Several Republican Senators admitted that the House Democrats proved their case against Trump.  Republicans gave us the longest war in US history, which the Pentagon proved was entirely based on lies, and now the traitor Trump.  Republicans are the worst, and they will try to steal the 2020 election.

  11. Bernie Sanders 2020
    Black people aren't voting for pete I know I'm not

  12. There can only be one – Bernie Sanders.

  13. I donated to Tulsi but her campaign can’t take off anymore without a miracle. I’m donating to Bernie now.


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