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iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920 Image Stabilization Test

iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920 Image Stabilization Test

iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920 Face Off with Image Stabilization Test. Check out our full post for the Lumia 920 vs. the Galaxy S III and HTC One X. We had an opportunity to test both smartphones in a head-to-head demo at Nokia’s research and development facility in Tampere, Finland, about two hours north of the company’s Espoo headquarters. READ MORE: http://goo.gl/sHOyV.

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  1. Nokia much better than the iphone 5

  2. okay i still have a phone from 2007 those touth screens is iritating ass hell but my sony handycam was stolen in london. my einstein brothers idea . froch vs keesler. when i was to a megadeth show døøøø.bla but now i have to by one but the prises on these things. after norway denmark have the higest taxes in the world. i phone 5 is over 5000 krones dollars about 1000 dollars

  3. i don't see any difference best to use software based stabilisation

  4. I had the nokia n8 and technically it had way better features then the iphone and other android phones. However due to the horrible OS(synbian at that time) I would point people away from Nokia. Now when I look for a phone I'll base it on the os and support(updates) it receives. My phone was super glitchy and the marketplace was full of viruses and malware and poorly lacking quality software

  5. Damn, i always took this for granted. Didn't know video in other phones sucked this bad. GO LUMIA 920!

  6. sony camera's is the manufacturer of samsung s3 and iphone's cameras but nokia have thier own provider.

  7. as i agree with you that the lumia is thousands of times better, the iphone video is not brighter, it seems flushed

  8. iphone5 is brighter than lumia but lumia is hd than iphone5
    so choose lumia 😉

  9. it was not on zoom dummie it has a smaller lens apperture

  10. lumia is definitely better, more stabilization, better colour and a sharper image (although the zoom on the iPhone 5 maybe the fault for stabilization and sharpness).

    but how does it stack up to the xperia z?
    The z is as sharp as the nokia 920 but has even more vibrant colours and better contrast ratios, stabilization was only a bit better for the 920 (but the z's stabilization was turned off)
    have a look yourself

  11. its very obvoius that iPhone 5 was on zoom mode, see the video of iPhone 5 compare to nokia, big object on iphone 5

  12. dude dont zoom the iPhone 5, =)

  13. Im not a fanboy, still own iPhone 5. Must say that Lumia have very good camera, maybe yes even better than apple but i must say when i record, i get much better video than this one.. Dunno whats up. If i want phone for taking photos i go lumia, but since this is not my priority nr1 ( i still get good pictures and videos ), im fine with apple.

  14. Exactly what I wanted to say, which is: if this test was done as I explained earlier then it would show even more the amazing stabilization effect of the 920. I own one btw 🙂

  15. really fuck Iphone 5 camera zoom….bcz nokia normally 🙂 iphone 5 Forever

  16. Don't get me wrong, I bought a yellow Lumia 920 just two days ago and am extremely happy with it. Is just that the test did not show even more how much superior the Nokia really is. In fact in this test also the actual lenses of the phones are not at the same distance from the hand holding them. The I-phone lens are directly under his hand where is much more steady.

  17. Nokia, for sure… You can even see the iPhone blur when he moves..

  18. IDK, the test results looked as clear as night and day and seems like the majority see that. Nokia has better hardware (also over most other's phone cameras). Your test might even show a clearer difference if it was a more level playing field as you say.

  19. This test is flawed, the real test should be made with a device carrying both phones using with a handle in the middle, something T shaped.
    Using the one in this video you can end up holdng one phone with one hand while the other is wobbling much more.
    For example, try walking holding a stick horizontally while grasping it on one edge and you will notice more wobble on the opposite one.

  20. PS. Now I'm pettifogging my own comment. The same zoom level is not what matters. Obviously the same result is the point.

  21. iPhone 5 is not zoomed in.
    The focal length is longer in iPhone 5 than Lumia 920.
    Focal Length iPhone 5 : 33mm
    Focal Length Lumia920 : 26mm

  22. That may be the case (being from Finland I hope so too ツ) but obviously we can see more movement s in iPhone footage because zoom levels are not the same at all, which they definitely should be. Magnification in iPhone footage is 1.4 times bigger.
    Bare my English.

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