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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus hands-on live from Apple Event 2017

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus hands-on live from Apple Event 2017

While the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus aren’t a complete redesign like the iPhone X, there’s still plenty to dig into here. For starters, the new phones take the glass back design that is also in the X — a move that makes them work with wireless charging. But from the front, they’re basically indistinguishable from all of Apple’s phones all the way back to the iPhone 6, which first came out in 2014. The larger bezels are still in place here, as is the home button, something that should make change-averse iPhone users happy.

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  1. Some one help me, I don’t know which color I should get for the plus either the space gray or the gold..decisions…

  2. I'm sticking with the free government phone

  3. When you're trying to look cool in front of everyone

  4. Need three ways face time r group facetime chat

  5. Coming from an Apple consumer since 2011, I’m thinking, ”why did Apple even make the iPhone 8?” If they were only working on the iPhone X, it might’ve launched sooner.

  6. Would've been better if the iPhone x was less than the iPhone 8

  7. I have 6s plus. Is the 8 plus a good upgrade for me?

  8. For the Animoji, will there be one in the Iphone 8/8plus ???

  9. Sticking with my jet black 7. I'm gonna sit on my upgrades till the 2nd iteration of whatever the iPhone X is going to become comes out. This is also a great time to get discount prices on some iphone 7 cases in some instances as well as new selections of cases that will fit both the iphone 8 and 7. It's a great time for having so many accessories to choose from as well as the ability to save your upgrade status for something really special in the future.

  10. I prefer the iPhone 8 more than the X, I think it is a bit crazy to do all your daily gestures only sliding on the screen

  11. Unimpressive, to say the least. Lol

  12. yay! finally I can create my own dragon fight scenes from Game of Thrones, and ignore boring people around me!

  13. Did he just used note 8 for the video?

  14. what's with that asian guy sticking out his arm for no reason?

  15. I'm getting the iphone 8 and I'm really excited to see how iOS is now. It has been a while since I used an apple product.

  16. Well I've been sitting on iPhone 5 so guess this would be a dank upgrade

  17. It only took 12 minutes for this phone to get outdated…

  18. Should have been called the iPhone 7s and 7s plus then the X should have been iPhone 8 and made a bigger plus version

  19. They do this even with macs. Same design while d world has moved to 2 in 1 n convertibles. One way to look at it is why change if ain't broke and its yet selling as much n frankly however cool d iPhone X is I being a user of iPhone 6 Plus will consider this too as I don't have to change my usage patterns while yet having d fastest phone with all d latest bells and whistles of iPhone X with d bezzels which I am already used to having.

  20. Look like my iPhone 7 plus jet black lol

  21. Not much impressive, why just the camera, it seems like people want more camera than having a cellphone to make phone calls.
    Naaahh I'm keeping the phone I have.
    I think Samsung it's doing better on the cellphones

  22. I think i'll stick to my 7 Plus.

  23. Hey guys should I buy the iPhone 8 or wait for iPhone X and no I'm not interested in an Android even though right now I'm just using a crappy Android phone. Is it worth buy the new iPhones or will the older 6s plus and 7 plus be good enough. PS I'm not wanting to upgrade for a while after this purchase so maybe just get the newest one to last a longer time?

  24. The only thing youre actually paying for is the new CPU amd Camera.

  25. Pretty soon apple will make ios so that your iPhone 6 and below is obsolete and you need to buy the newer iphones. money sucking vampires :/

  26. does it still have the same home button as the 7?

  27. Everybody here is mad that it's not more advanced? Buy an iPhone X then. For the budget option this year you're getting a lot. This phone looks like last year's but it's much better. The specs are almost the same as the X. Also, the pricing is cheaper than last years pricing. The 8 & 8 plus are sleeper phones, and if everyone thinks they're disappointing fans, why are they already selling out and 2 weeks back ordered?

  28. Should i get the iphone 8 plus 256 gb or the x 64 gb?

  29. Wouldn't the screen just have the shape of the light like those little circles on the screen I would find that anyoing

  30. At least it won't be repacked or refurbished..as its new phone 📱

  31. The 8 Plus has a faster processor, fast charge, wireless charging, and a better screen. I would say its an upgrade from the 7 Plus at least in certain aspects.

  32. I’m coming from a se so I’m hype af brehs

  33. The 8 is copped 🅱️oyz

  34. F apple they charge you an arm and leg for the same looking phone since 2015

  35. low video quality, that actually sucks, MKBHD did much better than you did, shame on it

  36. What if I get punched in the face and the iPhone x doesn't recognize me ?

  37. What I would like to know is whether if you take a front facing selfie, you can then go and use portrait lighting. Since they said only the iPhone X can only have selfies with PL, but pre-taken photos?

  38. Guys I really need some help. Does anybody know if you can use portrait mode (more specifically like the stage light feature and the black&white stage light feature) on the iPhone 8? NOT the Plus edition, just the iPhone 8? I'm on a really old iPhone, but if it doesn't have t hose cool lighting features, I might wait even longer. Thanks.

  39. Apples best iPhone they made was the 5s

  40. Folks, I know people are saying no design change, but don't underestimate this A11 Bionic Processor. This thing is an absolute beast and will change your experience tremendously with AR, photo processing, etc.

  41. such a ridiculous name '' BIONIC''

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