Iran denies accidentally shooting down Ukraine plane | USA TODAY

Iran denies shooting down Ukraine 737, despite U.S., Canadian military intelligence.
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U.S. and Canadian Intelligence indicates the Iranian military accidentally shot down the Ukrainian airliner that killed 176 passengers.

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  1. The liberal media is doing everything they can to help the Shia 12ers make it appear the jet just crashed on it's own. This is stage 4 TDS.

  2. Of course it wasn't shot down accidentally, it was on purpose! Thank the powder snorting JACKASS in the Whitehouse.

  3. So, they shot it down intentionally, wow, balls of raw steel!-

  4. I hope we end these people for good

  5. All planes were grounded in the hot zone but this pilot broke protocol. The plane was zeroed in on as soon as it lifted off and shot down by what appears to be two missiles launched from the same platform. Passenger planes have a squawk box to decode locked in radar yet it still was shot down.

    Why did this pilot take such a risk? Sorry, but what it looks like to me is that plane wanted out of Iran and Iran did not want it to leave.

  6. Hard to tell what the plane destroyed. It was already a sh!thole there.


  8. So what Iran is really saying, they did it unintentionally. Not intentionally.

  9. I'm tired of how people kill people this world is becoming wicked God please heal our hearts to be better people and love one another

  10. What the Islamic regime means to say is, it wasn’t accidental it was on purpose

  11. This incident is exactly why Iran should never be allowed to have nukes, entirely too incompetent.

  12. This is just going to bring us, Canada, and Ukraine closer into an alliance for war.

  13. Nothing to see here, Iran said it was mechanical before it hit the ground… pfft.

  14. I'm sure they deny killing Americans all over the world too. The main stream media, Democrat traitors and Iran have just guaranteed Trump's re election. Thank you. That was all too easy. 😎👍🇺🇸🎉

  15. It says no views bro there are 7 likes

  16. Damn I wonder who's missile that is in the video then

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