Iran not yet ready for war against US: Walid Phares

Fox News national security analyst Walid Phares discusses the elevating tensions between the U.S. and Iran following the U.S. killing Qassem Soleimani and the likelihood of war. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Iran has been thumbing their noses at the United States since the hostage situation in the late 1970s. Then President Carter gave them the idea we were cowardly and weak…no American wants war, but this President don't play that chit !!

  2. Mr.phares, finally someone understands president trump !! If trump didn't do anything about attack on embassy. ..the dem's would've disrespected him for that. No one wants war however to sit back n let our embassy be attacked & Americans killed. Stop the insane desecration of our president. He's doing what he promised : protecting America. No one wants war. …however ?

  3. Venganse is from the devil it's couse by hatrid they don't even care about us the people😒

  4. Gulf war 3 is a great impeachment distraction. Too bad I got them bone spurs

  5. Y’all suicidal like a motherf’r

  6. Dumb title, maybe we should give them a few more years to get ready lol

  7. Isn't it awesome that the deepstate media is being left hung out to dry for all to see:) God bless America !!!

  8. Russian and Muslim Alliance. Even the Bible mentions the Russian and Muslim Alliance. The Bible also mentions that the alliance Will end!

  9. Finishing it of with iran – General Wesley Clark

    Wake up humans. You are been taken for a ride by those zionist.

  10. Is that camels I hear running? It should be!

  11. Fear mongers, there won't be no war.

  12. Recruiting officer: Good morning, how may I help you?

  13. america has to pay for its crimes!!! Libya,Sirya,Afganistan,Iraq,Pakistan,Yugoslavia,Vietnam. And many other country in world !!!!

  14. american will won like in vietnam!!

  15. What better way to unite the Iranian people than to attack them.

  16. Pa pa americano ☝️

  17. Dont start the War if you know you will defeat !

  18. Everybody threatened everybody is a terrorist except United State something's wrong here

  19. I disagree with Walid. If they try to escalate , I told the President to come in fast and loud. No more chances. We win. It's over. Shock and awe.

  20. Hold on Americans let me grab my hooka hold still

  21. Top intel thanks guys ☝️

  22. SIMPLE , take out the heads of Iran by missile, then let the people over throw

  23. If the north korean style american news channel says so…

  24. Murica spends more on their military than the next 10 countries. If you break a sweat winning any war, y'all either suck at money management or at wars.

    -from not a 'Murican.

  25. All Iran needs to do is to join BRICS and begin inspiring other nations to follow suit. The more nations who choose to bypass western economy the stronger they become on the world stage. No war required. Iran can simply take its wallet and resources elsewhere.

  26. Hello, Random person scrolling through in the comment section. Happy 2020 New Year, New Decade To You!! 🎇🎆✨💯🎉🎊

  27. The iranians will not risk war with the USA as it would mean the end of their theocracy and the mullahs are not going to risk that .

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