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Iran to commit nuclear deal if paid for oil sales

Iran says it is willing to recommit to the 2015 nuclear deal but only if it gets $15bn for oil sales in return.
The plan was proposed by France in a bid to salvage the agreement.
But that proposal will need the approval of the United States.
Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari explains from Tehran.

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  1. I would hate to see Dorsa get hurt she is cool.

  2. Ayatollah Khamenei Ali is terrorist


  4. As soon as they are capable, they’re going to nuke America and Israel. Do they think Trumps as stupid as Obama? God bless America and Donald Trump🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😕

  5. Of course pay for what you buy.

  6. US is on a down path and we all see it…losing power and hegemony..losing credit..losing dollar value..it will come soon

  7. basically us is saying whoever is the most powerful, is the one who is above the law! so this is the civilzed world of the west????? is this fair to pull out of a deal and then force others to sabotage it?!????! a UN resolution! for god sake

  8. iran complied with the deal for over 13 months and is complying with par.36 of the deal where basically says what can each side do if any side violates the deal. iran has to ask money for that 13 months and all the devastating effects that US caused on iranian economy. and UN should put us in terrorist nations list which use dollar as aweapon and put sanctions on a county which had done nothing wrong according to the deal. this is mockery. this is the rule of jungle. UN has to do sth against this bully country . shame of every single europian country

  9. Dorsa is a very classy, articulate and beautiful woman. But I do think that a conflict between Iran and the US is inevitable because Tel Aviv won't rest till that happens.

  10. Kashmir will become the part of Pakistan

  11. Hope USA and Iran can resolve there issues. USA should not go to war with Iran regardless of negations results.

  12. How long would they suppress Iran.
    IRAN has with it the power of truth and at last truth wins..InshaAllaah

  13. Poor negotiation go for $100 billion

  14. Iran needs nuclear energy not to produce nuclear weapons !! They need it as energy to provide more welfare to its people. It’s cheaper than other kinds of energies

  15. Iran has been running without transponders and funding terrorists for years

  16. Next question should be: What exactly are you going to do with the money? Following that: What are the Religion of Piece conditions exactly?

  17. Its a fact that iran cant defeat usa ,what will be the result of war. We have seen the destruction of Iraq syria afganistan already. Cities turned into rubble, children eating grass in syria for days. If iran wants that they need to bow down or get destroyed. USA is worlds bully ,first build yourself upto that level than fight.

  18. This is all drama. These countries try to safe Iran from Saudi Arabia attacks and helps Iranian nuclear weapons and showing that they enemies.

  19. $15 billion unpaid bills for oil !?
    This is a just a loot, in the name of sanction.

  20. Iran shouldn't walk on the USA and Israeli flag.

  21. No money for Iran until all nuclear ambitions flushed

  22. We will give you 10lbs of pigs feet…

  23. Funny how the countries that have nuclear weapons dont want other countries 2 have them. We only have 2 look at Ukraine. They gave theirs up and the country is now a powerless ghetto. Look at Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and now Venezuela. What was accomplished?…death & destruction in order 2 take over the oil? If these countries had the power 2 defend themselves none of this would have happened.

  24. either credit our, otherwise that's a bad idea, if they wanted to prove that the US were wrong they should have followed the deal regardless,

  25. Iran’s fascist theocracy is paddling in cesspool of own creation and is breathing for survival. Any help or assistance to save it would be betrayal of humanity. Please keep sanction tight until complete demise of that tyrannical regime.

  26. Iran is sinking and no one cares.

  27. Iran has made big mistake from the beginning working with China, North Korea and Russia.

  28. You don't get to break a deal then later say you will go back to the deal for $15 billion, once you break a deal the possibility for the same deal again is over, America has tried letting Iran have nuclear power plants, a bad mistake by America, Iran does not possess the intelligence required for such a venture!!! It is beyond time for the inbred idiots to be blown off of the map!

  29. USA has the big stick and everyone beter listen

  30. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif is charming to the Iranians, now they are all sleeping.
    Zarif is a good talker with zero diplomatic or negotiating skills.
    About 5 weeks ago, Zarif wanted to kill D. Trump and many as Americans
    A few days ago, Zarif was kneeling down in front of E. Macron, licking his shoes requesting Moron to arrange an interview with D. Trump.
    Iran will be soon a starving nation populated with destitute and beggars

  31. If Obama was in office, he would be sending a plane full of cash and resign the deal. Since Trump is in office, no deal, no cash. Plus, I thought Iran ditched the $?

  32. The West Excersising It's Oppressive Colonial Powers. Evil Western Colonialism Oppression Still Exists And We All Still Suffer.
    They've been destroying countries forever.
    Malcolm X – How the White Man Taught You How To Hate Yourself and Your People and your Culture

  33. the Iranian tanker was seased by de british in order of the USA ,don't put the Europe in your mess .

  34. This is a propaganda newsgroup trying to turn everyone against America, against our wonderful president, and trying to turn all black skin and white skin against whites throughout the world

  35. I will take some soul through angel of death of some kids and my enemies love ones they must die….. what about Egypt prime minister youngest son (??was that a heart attack???😁😁😁😁

  36. Now I understand why populations have increased so dramatically, it gives another invading country the ability to put sanctions on another country so they can starve them out. Can Iran be self sufficient food wise?

  37. Mohammed has brainwashed billions in the middle east and that is why we having all these issues. Why can't they all go back to the middle east and leave the west if they don't like it. The answer is, they like the life style and everything in the west but they are so committed to their fake prophet. It will never change! because they are so dump.


  39. Only two ideas for all :
    (1) no one has nuclear gutz for next 40 years
    (2) Iran shall be granted naturally followed by Venezuela…….
    Plz let this atheist know if u have the 3rd option
    now think eat n go to bed

  40. Iran and every country for that matter should only deal with cash on delivery basis when it comes to EU and the US. DO NOT GIVE CREDIT, they do not afford that to Iran!

  41. Iran must , as an obligation , to build a nuclear bomb , there is only one option to stand against daily sanctions imposed by US . as every single day a new sanction appears. how long Iran can stand this situation. take a look at the list , hundreds n hundreds sanctions. build a nuk close the staright of hormuz.

  42. That's stupid iran should be paid any way.

  43. Trump pulled out of the 2015 deal because he didn't like the terms that. What makes them think Trump will change his mind?

  44. America, European Union and his allies should pay $500 Billion as a compensation to Iran for all disturbance caused by them in the region to Iran sovereignty, his people and heavy losses in trade with the world and immediately with draw all forces from Persian Gulf to ensure peace and also to ensure normal activities for all world through Strait of Hormoz.

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