Home / News / Iran’s Ambassador To UN Says Soleimani Assassination Was An Illegal 'Act Of Aggression' | NBC News

Iran’s Ambassador To UN Says Soleimani Assassination Was An Illegal 'Act Of Aggression' | NBC News

Majid Takht Ravanchi, Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations, told NBC News he believes the Trump administration “does not believe in dialogue.”
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Iran’s Ambassador To UN Says Soleimani Assassination Was An Illegal ‘Act Of Aggression’ | NBC News


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  1. Kim jong un bet we got his attention too!

  2. Sorry OUR BAD! I guess sending billions of dollars in cash didn’t work!
    Appeasements never works with terrorist!
    Plan B worked out much better!

  3. Yes… when I think of the Middle East.. the first words that come to mind are “Peace” and “harmony”

  4. Reported as promoting terrorism. I suggest others do the same.

  5. Hopefully this sends a clear message to our enemies that there will be swift and surgical retaliation for attacking American embassies, unlike previous administrations.

  6. NBC giving terrorists a platform to spread their propaganda. How patriotic.

  7. He was killed inside a foreign country, while coordinating and supplying terrorist groups in an attempt to destabilize that country and the region… Uh-huh…

    And we are supposed to ignore these facts, why?

  8. So the US is the one who killed Soleimani and now Iranians and other Arabs are chanting "death to Israel."

    Does logic not tell you that Israel has been defending their existence all this time from this country driven by hate? Why is there people out there who demonize Israel for opposing a country driven by hate who has planned terrorist attacks in many countries even though Israel thwarted most of them? Is Iran really the hero in this story?

  9. This has been going on for 40 year. Its great to watch fake news support terrorist and terrorism.

  10. I don't think so. Intelligence will show it was justified. Next week briefing will smash any doubts.

  11. They attack the embassy and Trump is the bad guy. LOL.

  12. Only the Iranians would say they are innocent when killed on foreign soil in Iraq. Lol

  13. Man who to believe, Trump or Iran. Should be an easy choice but here we are in 2020 lol.

  14. LMAO "Iraq was a sovereign country".. what about "pleasure-boys"?

  15. He will soon regret those words.

  16. Im sorry, I thought they killed a Terrorist? Was I misinformed?

  17. Wow! This guy is amazingly stupid!

  18. Balderdash. It was a reaction to your never ending islamic terrorism. The world should declare war on islam. None of you idiots deserve to live here on planet earth.
    Reclassify that luciferian religion as an evil cult of satan.

  19. If the general hadn't been inside Iraq than maybe they would have an argument but he was in Iraq at time of embassy assault..he killed tens of thousands of people trump committed act of Mercy and performed justice for the victems of irans general solimanes decades of terrorism.

  20. Right wing for the past year: "Deep state, Deep State, Deep State".

    Right wing after Trump commits a war crime: "the intelligence community".

  21. why is MSDNC defending terrorists???

  22. Thank you President Trump for protecting our Nation from attack and killing the enemies of our liberty.

  23. The General was the only one with nuclear launch codes. LMFAO smart move i say. King Trump!!!!! Build the wall!!!!

  24. Donald Trump is now a war criminal.

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