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Is It Possible to Run a Marathon in Under 2 Hours? | Breaking2

Is It Possible to Run a Marathon in Under 2 Hours? | Breaking2

How fast can we run a marathon? It’s a question that has challenged us for thousands of years, and now scientists are working with elite athletes and trainers to attempt the impossible: completing the 26.2-mile journey in under two hours.
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Three champion marathoners, Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia, and Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea, along with an elite group of physiologist, work together to try and defeat all odds by breaking the 2-hour marathon.

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In this animated video, learn how the human body evolved to be able to cover long distances at high speeds—and about the techniques that will help us get even faster. For more about the ongoing mission to achieve this seemingly impossible milestone, check out Breaking2 on National Geographic.

Is It Possible to Run a Marathon in Under 2 Hours? | Breaking2

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  1. I just start to do 1000 push ups under 1h😁 check it out

  2. Kipchoge is so fun to watch. His form is awesome

  3. I'm 12 and i run a marathon in 1:58:45. Am i good?

  4. 2:48 that was mid foot running not heel striking lol it looks like heel strike cause of the angle i saw the breaking2 documentary it's mid foot

  5. That heel strike running animation kills me

  6. I have been trying to rewatch the breaking 2 documentary, but can't find it anywhere! Where did it go?

  7. Genetic but also their life is running even if going school, working, playing

    I know kipchoge has best record with helping lots of suppoter, especially pacemaker

  8. Genetics,environment and training aside; Eliud Kipchoge's 'head game' is on a level of its own. The man's a beast at staying in control of his mind. Its not unique though; elite mountain climbers have done it in environments and conditions that are limiting and potentially dangerous.

  9. Training on asphalt and concrete doesn't help the body.

  10. I used to run long distance in school, and I am a "ball of the foot" runner. I tried the "heel" technique and I understand why that technique is 2.3 x more likely to result in injury. I felt immense pressure on my knees and ankles sometimes to the point of sharp pain.

  11. Africans r genetic adventures……..

  12. Steroids is the answer…well it just a prank bro

  13. Take geneticas to a whole new level.

  14. Yes with the Nike Vapor fly 4%

  15. the fore foot running or the heel land running which will more support to long distance running?

  16. I don't want it. There must be something unreachable that everyone is striving for. The two-hour limit is magical

  17. I can run a 1 hour marathon and I’m only 3. Is that good?

  18. i'm 170 cm.. taller people are better in running but i'm trying to improve myself 🙂

  19. This video was so informative – thanks!

  20. Me and my friend ran 10 900m dashes in 1hrs

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