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Is Socialism Good for America? Politicon 2018 Panel ft. Ana Kasparian, Kyle Kulinski and Sam Seder

Is Socialism Good for America? Politicon 2018 Panel ft. Ana Kasparian, Kyle Kulinski and Sam Seder

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The question strategists are asking is often no longer how the Democratic Party can appeal to big business, but instead, how they will deliver benefits like universal healthcare, affordable college, and justice reform to our people. Is it a no-brainer when it seems like we have endless resources for military hardware? Or is it dangerous utopianism in disguise?

Panelists: Ana Kasparian, Sam Seder, Kyle Kulinski, David Pakman, Bakari Sellers, and Markso Moulitsas

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  1. So help me with this. We are trillions of dollars in debt. We want socialism. A socialistic economy demands social programs which will cost trillions. You take the incentive to build business and work because your taxed to death by socialism. So not enough money is coming in so you print and print and print some more money to fund socialism which also devalues the dollar and causes hyperinflation. And the process repeats till we utterly destroy our economy. Okay there is something seriously wrong with this picture….

  2. I've been watching for 22 minutes and I'm still waiting for them to say something over all that talking.

  3. They've barely touched on socialism. At least the moderator got it right during the introduction: the democratization of the means of production. Wish we could hear more discussion about the actual topic.

  4. Wow, the moderator is so out of touch, especially about the corporate influence on elected officials. The corporations control this country!!

  5. Thanks TYT for making me think my headset is broken. Hire a new sound mixer

  6. No. TYT is anti american

  7. Stupid fascist capitalists in the comments.

  8. NO. I just saved you an hour.

  9. I really hate anna. And I really how its not the hidden sexist in me talking. I just think shes full of herself.

  10. Its hard to convince a portion of the population that they should stand with you when they have been fed the "alternative facts" bs from the other side. You cant fight that. As long as that attitude has a platform 'fox news' that says its all fake news.

  11. There goes David asking questions when he's not the interviewer. I like David though.

  12. Ana and kyle would make an amazing duo!

  13. We need Georgism, not Socialism or Rentier Capitalism.

  14. The United States Government spends 3 cents to make a penny.
    Why would you want them in charge of anything.

  15. The problem is that all the panelists have a contradiction in their position. You cannot be pro capitalism and anti the effects of capitalism. It doesn't make sense.

    Why is it wrong to profit from the prison system but right to profit from the manufacturing of shoes?

    They all said they want a public healthcare service. What about all the supporting and related industries such as medicine manufacturers, recruitment, machinery, buildings etc. Will those be nationalized too? If not, the public healthcare service will be undermined like it is in the UK.

  16. Republicunts may be Republithugs. But Demonrats are..




  18. Socialism works great till you run out of other people's money.

  19. audio is cancer i just can't watch it sorry

  20. I've just got to the part where they go to questions and there's been no discussion of socialism. No socialist analysis of neoliberalism and imperialism. No outline of different paths to socialism. Apart from the brief comments at the start there wasn't even a discussion of why these panelists don't believe socialism is the answer – that would have been an interesting conversation too. This is what happens when you don't have a single socialist on the panel. It's not as if there's a lack of prominent socialists out there. A wasted oppurtunity.

  21. Great definition of socialism though in the beginning. Usually they try to demonize socialism by saying that the government controls everything. Socialism a system that means the power is held by the workers not government. We are all workers therefore when workers have all the power we will have equality, justice, and democracy. Shame that there were no real socialists on the panel.

  22. The only fans who rival Fox News and Alex Jones stupidity is Kulinski and Dore fans.

  23. The aggregate IQ might have reached 3 digits on this panel.

  24. Where's the conversation here? I see 5 of the same opinion, and a whole lot of conformation bias.

  25. Lol.  Shoes shouldn't be socialized?  Healthcare is universal but not clothing?

  26. Social demokrats: "We build our policy on the fundamental values of freedom, equality and solidarity."

  27. Damn David said like 2 words

  28. What’s with the 1990’s video quality? Fire your tech crew!!!

  29. There will be no peaceful transformation to socialism. It contradicts our constitution. It will take away your freedom. You will be subjugated.

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