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Is the Green New Deal a threat to small business?

Texans in oil rigging areas discuss how the Green New Deal would be detrimental to the Texas economy and to the lives of locals. FOX Business’ Hillary Vaughn with more.

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  1. Democrats can careless what real American ppl do . Those idiots congresses don’t live that kind of life style then self soon as they in congress n they forgot where they came from

  2. AOC! The virus is gonna get you and your family and your so called squad! Let the virus drain the swamp! Yeah and Hollywood! God will protect his own! We are not afraid! Hallelujah! You had better be!

  3. don't VOTE DEMOCRAT! its that simple folks. all they want to despair demise and dependence! they are worthless.


  5. AOC: Ya you can put wherever you want except my mouth I like to talk a lot about illogical nonsense.

  6. $600 a month cost increase sounds like it is FREE – keep thinking that Burrney Communist supporters

  7. Green is the New RED – COMMUNISM and 100% control of the Burrney Sandrista Politburo who will make sure the peasants stand in breadlines

  8. The problem is there is nothing democratic about the Democratic Party.

  9. No because losers don't win and to implement their stupid deal they have to win first and they don't win they well are losers

  10. What are you going to do with the windmill blades after 5 years and they have to be replaced ,,,, Stick them up AOC Behind

  11. The new green deal means more green in the dems pocket!

  12. How can he remain a Democrat???

  13. Oil is the lifeblood of all economies, America is now the #1 exporter bringing oil energy to the World — " President Trump"
    Keep the Trump Train rolling—-everyone is welcome just get on board !!

  14. Vote red to save America nothing is free in this life

  15. The killing of coal put Kentucky and West Virginia into the government supported category and the people there hate having to rely on snap for food.
    Proud people need work to thrive and taking that away is killing America.
    We will lose the rural part of America and become dependent on others for food.
    City dwellers don’t realize the need for rural America.

  16. Nothing like Texas barbecue.

  17. Yes it is……….. But then, Bernie never had a real job. has he?

  18. Green New Deal? Can you say 'agrarian reform'?

  19. C'mon, man, all of you need to go over to Republican or at least independent. Get off the Democratic Craddock Plantation. You don't need to be Democrats anymore. Clearly by what this guy is saying and his thought process he is not a Democrat.

  20. Insane is the green new deal what a crock of b s

  21. Ita not a just a threat to small business. It's the promise of civil war.

  22. Everything good for America aoc thinks it's bad

  23. great coverage. This is the kind of reality that Americans need to see and hear. An idea isn't good unless it's good for the people!


  25. It's a threat to anybody with a brain. It shouldn't affect any liberal Democrats though

  26. Communist do not like small business.

  27. The Green new deal is not about the environment. It's about changing the country from capitalist to socialist. It's a plot from the crazy left. If anybody votes democrat, even if they hate republicans, they should get their heads examined. I am a democrat but they lost me. Even if a centrist wins the democratic primary, I have a problem with the party now.

  28. The “green new deal” is nothing more than a way for the elitist to reestablish billions for their legacy. Nothing more…Nothing less! The answer is yes…this hoax thought up by elitist & deep pocket politicians to pad themselves. We do not want the Green New Deal in Texas and we will be. Fighting it all the way to the polls.

  29. I have bad news for you, Pody owner. Your democrats are not looking out for the people. They’re looking out for their very own lavish lifestyle. Think about it. AOC was a bartender living a normal life. Now she’s living large while making stupid decision for the people (Ex. Amazon HQ in New York) knowing she’s financially safe.

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