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Is the Iran nuclear deal dead? | Inside Story

Donald Trump called it the worst deal ever.

The U-S president decided a year ago to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement, which imposed limits on Tehran’s nuclear activities.
Trump then reimposed sanctions against Iran, and recently extended them to threaten those countries still party to the deal.
Iran’s now reacted, warning the UK, France, Germany, China, and Russia, it’ll step up uranium production unless they meet their commitments within 60 days.
Russia is putting the blame on what it calls ‘lamentable’ behaviour from the U-S, while EU leaders are warning Iran of possible consequences.
Can the deal be renegotiated and revived?

Presenter: Imran Khan

Mohammad Marandi – Professor of North American Studies at University of Tehran.
Rina Shah – Republican Strategist and Consultant.
Ali Fathollah-Nejad – visiting fellow at Brookings Doha Center.

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  1. Just rename the JCPOA "The Very Great Trump Agreement." Problem solved.

  2. Don't do anything you will regret. The US will have a new president in another year.

  3. Until the global economy gets RID of the PETROL dollar 💵 America will ALWAYS bully ALL of its allies and cannabilse poorer countries.
    FRANCE 🇫🇷,ENGLAND GERMANY 🇩🇪 are part of the problem.
    When one cowboy has all the guns and ammunition, it’s always going to be a one sided showdown at the okay corral.. America has always been a John Wayne type of action figure.. go in and kill all the Indians because they aren’t like us and we’ll do it alone, or is it that America stands alone in its thirst for blood but the petrol dollar is what’s making everyone else sign on to genocide in Yemen 🇾🇪, and now looking for one in Iran 🇮🇷 .

  4. it's ok China Communists save the world and Iran. coming soon

  5. America is not trustworthy,iranian leaders knows what happen to gaddafi and saddam!!

  6. There was nothing illegal about America not ratifying the so-called Iranian nuclear deal… America and Iran have been enemies since radical Islamic students invaded the American Embassy in Tehran 1979, and held staff hostage for more than 100 days… Yes! America will go to war with Iran, and the prime targets will be the Mullahs, the Revolutionary Guards, and the nuclear facilities near Qom… The Pentagon also has a 'total destruction plan' for the Oil/Gas facilities in and around Kharg Islan. 💀

  7. I love how aljizza thinks F-5s will somehow defeat super hornets

  8. The Caucasian race is the true minority, globally (less than 8%). According to demographers, they are dying out rather quickly due to low sperm counts, defective wombs, homosexually, opioid addiction, and the sun. This is a scientific fact and studies support this phenomenon. Consequently, Caucasoids now have a "phuckit" mindset toward the world. This is why they have murderous aggression toward the melanated/people of color on the planet.

  9. Why portray the U.S. leadership and policy as "made up" as they go? You already know U.S. economy and political resolve is stronger today than it ever has been. What will pumping a false narrative do for Iran considering they are still the underdog for all practical purpose. How about Iran putting off their nuclear pipe dream and respect human rights for their own people, how about coming clean to entire world? Why don't they just recognize that America comes when it comes to Iran. How about asking Iranian Americans, there are about one Million of them. Sorry if the truth hurts but facts are facts.


  11. Trump is the head of the coin minted by the Sanhedrin: The tail was Cyrus the Great who facilitated the return of the jews from the captive kingdom of Judea ( 2 of the 12 tribes of Israel) and allowed them to return from exile, rebuild the temple (2nd temple), and pay tribute.
    Jesus's foes. The third temple brings about the tribulation? God cannot be contained in a temple. Check it out in O.T. re: David, Solomon and the Temple.
    Check out Naturei Karta on youtube.
    Peace to all who follow the Book.

  12. China and Russia should export or teach Iran how to make nuclear weapons. Then middle east will be even and balanced.

  13. Thank you Al Jazeera for this excellent interview, a true professional job which is missing in any western media.

  14. is clear that isreal is behind the case. i miss one man he lived long time ago in germany….

  15. Iran has the rigjt to make/develop his own nuclear missile capability for the protection of his abiding citizen against aggression of the terorist Israel/US.A lot of nations who are possessing a nuclear capabiluty like pakistan,india,israel,north korea,russia,UK,France,China,US but nobody complaining on that mention nation.The dictator US is marginalizing the goverment of Iran regarding their nuclear development while the devil israel has 300 nuclear missiles with out any complain from the UN body/no sanction imposef to israel in possessing nuclear mussiles..It is the time iran will resist/counter the illegal sanctions imposed by the dictator/terorist US/Israel/Europe and iran must continue to develop their nuclear development any time.

  16. That guy in Berlin is superb in his analysis.

  17. Please realise meaning: words like “liberals” “neo-cons” “Russians” “terrorists” “blacks” “leftists” “Europeans” “banker” “elite” etc.
    Get into habit of saying i.e:
    People who are of liberal…
    People who call them selves neo-cons
    A person who is black
    A person who terrorises
    A person of perceived power and wealth via vail of fiat currency..
    Suddenly we encapsulate the solution to the problem-solution agenda. We are All from Ones original creat**n.
    After being conceived. First One is. Then one is a person. Then one is labelled bit by bit. Which word comes first? Am I a Swede or a person from nation state Sweden? The Swedish nation state is fully corr*p* – mass media a Vichy-press for the global warmongers. Completely owned by two families in the Zionist deep state

  18. Why don't the Europeans, Russia, and China stand on their hind legs and face the real problem: the USA.?

  19. just kick the USA out of the picture. All other country stop trade with USA, then every one in the rest of the world will be happy.

  20. erst wenn der iran atomwaffen hat, beginnen gespräche auf augenhöhe.

  21. European are like middle class white in United Snakes….the support the Zionist banking Plonkers…Same Europe support the Jewnited Snakes of America. .Iran should just go NUKE…that it..

  22. Yes. The US killed it and the EU ate its corpse.

  23. Why should Iran not persue nuclear assets, while Usa and the rest of the world (majority countrries) has it?
    Iran has never been a threat to anyone. Its usa who has used A-bombs twice in history , and chemical weapons in Vietnam(napalm), Falluja in Iraq , Afghanistan and in Syria. Now tellme who is threat to the world?

  24. Israel's President Trump.

  25. It's NOT pronounced "Hormooz". It should be Hormōz. It comes from Middle Persian "Ohr Mazd", an alternative form of "Ahura Mazda" (Zoroastrian God). In Persian astronomy it also referred to Jupiter.

  26. Just thinking about how many people died for amusement of Bush saddam, it's true saddam was killed but how many people Americans Iraqi people was killed for Mr Bush to finish saddam and Win the game that start with his father? Today game is B team VS Russian china, Iran and Venezuela are just a play ground for them.
    And we died and they shack hands smile take pictures and talk, and we hate each other, and we suffer, they live they enjoyed their lives and publish book for us.

  27. Iran biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world

  28. Dark comedy of the world is sadly its a GAME , no matter USA or China or Russia even my own country iran its all a dirty game of power, all the side in game (politicians in the world )are playing a chess game (for them it's nothing more than a game) but who suffer? People, us, no matter sanctions, war, we are going to suffer for amusement of these sick people.

  29. Its all drama… Iran is no match to fight with a superpower whose airforce is enough to conquer the world… They are sending USS Abraham 2 only to check chinese presence in Arabian waters after CPEC… US will never fight Iran… mark my words

  30. European are basterds never trust the criminals

  31. It’s better for Iran they should do what best for them

  32. This is golden chance to India and China to come together and strengthen relationship with Tehran in context to oil imports

  33. A fair and true news presentation of the issue, we thank you.

  34. The deal was dead when Trump claimed victory over Hillary Clinton in Nov.2016! They could have nukes now if they proceed in the last two and a half years!

  35. They haven't attacked anyone. They're not subjugating any subset of their population. They aren't arming and training any terrorists. I really don't see what all the fuss over Iran is about. They seem like a decent people. We really can't say the same of Saudi Arabia or Israel, two of the US's key allies and equally aggressive towards Iran.

  36. US in position of moral high ground is a slash on the word moral. US is so irrational that answer to Iran question is absolute NO regarding all question relate to Iran. Now try to deal with brain dead US president is impossible.

  37. World 3 i s coming unfortunately

  38. The Iranian government is not a « regime », it's a government at least as legitimate as most others.


  40. The US objective is invasion, regardless of any compliance on Iran's part. Therefore no amount of negotiation will prevent this ultimately. The only solution for Iran is to implement a nuclear deterrent and develop self sufficiency.

  41. No trust or truth with Americans and Europeans stop the wars

  42. People want to disregard the fact that America" is a Sovereign Nation; therefore, the decisions are made on the basis of National Sovereignty and the good of the American people! I believe America is still (very much) about humanitarian support in all areas of need for the people of other countries; but we are not under "International Sovereignty"! Distinguishing between the two has become a problem, because many people refuse to accept "America" now comes First (no longer second)! GOD Bless America; God Bless President Trump and GOD Bless "We the American People"! America now has a President (For the People and by the People)! Our Freedom of Choice Stands! Be Blessed!

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