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Is the US prepared for a possible cyberattack from Iran?

Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas, agrees with President Trump’s decision to eliminate Iranian top general Qassem Soleimani and says the U.S. is ‘probably safer’ because of it.

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  1. Don't worry Iran opened Pandora's box. They cause provocation. When Trump says no nuclear weapons he means it. He's not going to second guess anything these democrats can say anything the media can be the evil spinster they want. If it's between Iran and America there's no doubt what side Trump is on. TRUE patriot. God speed and God bless.

  2. We are more than ready, we can shut down iran in cyberspace if we want lol. Some lone wolfs are probably at it already…

  3. Short answer is no our cyber taskforce is a joke and I for one hope Iran make a mockery of it

  4. Under the current administration I'm sure it is.

    The previous administration probably just did whatever they wanted.

  5. My router and my phones are turned o

  6. Can we shut down all the scam call centers?

  7. Soleimani and 11 terrorists vaporized 1!!! fantastic !!!!!!islamovomit gave iran 150 bill$$ in cash !!!had Soleimani at the white house !!!!!!made sleimanis daughter a citizen of usa !!! !!!

  8. Like erasing our credit debt no no don't do that Iran lol

  9. Soleimani! you are fired!

  10. Not a cyber attack, we need to worry about Kim Jong un and that christmas present. EMP!

  11. Finally, how else are we gonna stop those 17 year old millenials stealing your wifi and spoofing all what is yours? That would be epic if Iran would do that… a lot of young kids are gonna be pants down.

  12. Question is Iran ready for a cyber attack from us..

  13. If it wasn't for their crazy ideology.

  14. Hey fox business, STOP DISABLING COMMENTS

  15. The only way Iran could Cyber attack America is if we allowed them to do it we hire the most talented hackers that are probably headed for prison and that's who our government uses and they know how to protect s*** that's why we buy them

  16. You guys do know America is in dept because of foreign aid n all the money they send over to start a terrorist regime's to take over territory and it backfires on the people. Not the government's but the people is the one's paying for it. Not just their people but ours who pay taxes for our country's protection from people like them
    Good job trump on calling it out

  17. If democrats said this, it would be fake news.

  18. Obama didn't take out Soleimani because Soleimani wanted to remain a hero with his militias and stopped Iran from using it's conventional military. Duh

  19. Iran…Low Technology…They Cant Hack From A Commodore VIC 20…

  20. None shall have nuclear weapons. If US and other country have it, it is a fair game.

  21. Where did the money go for air defense systems that didn't take out a single Iranian missile? Russia has it's top S-400's protecting it's troops in Syria.

  22. Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get * Forest Gump *πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  23. we are being condition by cnn to expect and think bad ..where is the proof…from now on…

  24. Wow they sound like they really want a war

  25. As a VETERAN I just got to say… this is a yooouuuu guys problem 😎πŸ₯‡πŸ₯ˆ

  26. They have computers in Iran O.o, thats the headline.

  27. Are they taking any precautionary measures against Hillary Clinton, apparently she is very good at destroying
    Data, maybe Iran will use her, after all, they both hate Trump, and she will do almost anything for money.

  28. Neo liberal " Why does everyone hate me ." over the last 18 years . Then here comes Neo con " Watch this , Hold my beer ! " We're definitely slow learners we are . Yup .

  29. if u see this I'm from the Past

  30. 1/10000% of the time was em talking bout cyber attack

  31. I'm broke so they would just be practicing πŸ˜‚

  32. Cyberattack? We have 9 yr olds that can shut their power grids down…. please.

  33. I voted for Trump, but if the Democratic Party successfully restores Congress's enumerated power to declare war by requiring the Executive Branch to first seek congressional approval, then that'd be great and more aligned with the Constitution. Too bad, though, the Democratic Party hypocritically authorized the National Defense Authorization Act last year, which allows presidents to launch military action in any country without congressional approval, including Iran. For nearly a century, both parties have been too eager in expanding the federal government's control over States & citizens just to appease U.S. corporate interests and the military industrial complex.

  34. Is Iran prepared for a retaliated response should be the question.

  35. Does Iran have cyberattack capabilities worth mentioning? China does, as we saw in the South China Sea with five or six American vessels loosing control – one more thing the MSM failed to follow up on, btw…

  36. Black Turban Iran Hackers vs USCYBERCOM. Not even worried.

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