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Is Trump Trying To Tank The Economy?

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The White House announced this weekend that Donald Trump is preparing to levy an additional $200 billion in tariffs on goods from China. These new tariffs are going to drive prices through the roof for consumers, resulting in a spending freeze that will ripple through the economy. At this point, it almost feels as if Trump is intentionally trying to destroy our economy, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

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  1. Funny all those items used to be made in America before they changed the laws and allowed those jobs to move offshore and still enjoy the profits of selling to us.

  2. Trump is doing more damage to the u.s then anyone else

  3. You think a 10% tax on only 400b in goods is going to lead to a recession basic economic says no

  4. damn,you in USA will have to past through hard economic time untill the end of 2020.i hope you will choose progressive dem in the next elections

  5. Higher prices, lower wages. Trump 2020

  6. Would Russia profit if Trump tanks the U.S. economy? HOW MUCH would Russia profit, if Trump tanks the U.S. economy?

  7. I guess the additional taxes on consumers will make up some of the huge tax cuts that Trump gave to himself and his fellow money hoarders. How are your little tax cuts that are being ate up with inflation working out for you? Seems you still end up owing the taxes at a future date with compounded interest, while those at the very top gain most of the capital, and use it to bribe politicians, control the quality of the air you breathe, the water you drink, the ground you plow, and the food you eat, the welfare of your planet, and the actual value of your paycheck. That is the shell game that the republicans have been playing on the people for generations. Time to wake up people.

  8. You know, China is a country to pay attention to right now. Any American would do well to take note… Not because of where China is now, this "sleeping giant," gradually waking up in a big way. No. It's because of where china WAS back in history. They were THE superpower to beat in the world. And what did they do? Closed off their boarders (culturally speaking). Cancelled trade. They became extremely isolationist… And they stagnated for ages until they were basically a 3rd world country compared to the progress the rest of the world had made together.
    "He who fails to remember history," as they say, "is doomed to repeat it."

  9. Cousins is shit. So is Jimmy Dore. I always click their videos just to give them a thumb down. They are shit and need to be dropped.

  10. How much of those goods go to Mar-la-go. or other places Trump has business in.

  11. His supporters will blame Obama, Hillary and the Deepstate

  12. maybe he’s bored of winning on the economy so now he’s just trying to make it challenging? 🤔

  13. Funny, liberals used to be against the bad free trade deals and for the factory worker.
    Guess not anymore.

  14. Don't believe in all bubble talk.

  15. Progressives (the people with think the social safety net and unlimited immigration at the same time) are always screaming about the economy whenever it does against them ideologically.

    "Brexit will cause short term damage to our economy, stay in the EU for the economy who cares about sovereignty".

    "Tariffs will damage the economy, who cares that our trade relations are funding the expanding military of a totalitarian hostile power."

  16. No, he doesn't know trade wars don't benefit anyone. He's too stupid to know that. His motto in life is, "What I think is therefore fact." Trump is a moron.

  17. Normalized trade relations with China were a mistake and Trump is trying to break dependence on China so we don't end up with ww3 in a couple decades. The idea that Trump would benefit in anyway from destroying the economy is absurd.

  18. All American jobs are outsourced to other countries , even those agencies that do your political polling work from outside , I know this because I work for a company that does political polling and data collection over the phone calling American citizens and I live in Canada

  19. Yes all that son of a b i t c h Donald Trump hey are like dictator not know President Obama is a Antichrist Trump is one of the Beast look at how many more jobs has folded up since Trump the sorry lab mouth bastard went in office

  20. THis is just stupid, because it is a long game to eventually have 0 tariffs on all sides. It will make it more fair. The economy is amazing and will just continue to grow, so thaks for the laugh.

  21. Uhhh…. DUH… that's part of his assignment

  22. I'm betting those tarrrifs wont be imposed on his and his daughters Chinese enterprises.China is simply going to sign multilateral agreements with others affected by these tarrrifs too, say goodbye to trillions in trade, USA.

  23. He will blame anything bad on Obama and the democrats in the future becasue after all, nothing is his fault.

  24. Yes hes purposely trying to tank the economy

  25. Trump is doing exactly what Putin wants. Destroy the US economy and destroy relationships with US Allies. Putin is sitting back and saying "Trump is the best money well spent".

  26. Trump is not trying to tank the economy. Trump is trying to "Make America Great", it is just that he is incompetent, so while he might be trying to do something else, what he is actually doing is making a mess.
    To mix up a whole lot of things : The United States of America has picked it's ball and walked off the world stage.

  27. haha I thought progressives loved taxes and that the GOP hated them

  28. Trump is worthless that's why he wants to screw everything up..this dumb president is a racist bastard.he has money big deal.there is one thing he will never receive is the love from the USA.only hate and that's what he deserves is hate.what a coward as a president.yuk.

  29. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸We the American people support president Donald trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. A thought — maybe Trump doesn't know that tariffs do the exact opposite of what he thinks they will. Remember, he does have narcissistic personality disorder = AKA the world according to Trump.

  31. Lol…same economy he lifted to new all time heights??

  32. I don't know that he consciously knows that the results will be bad (I really think he's just that dumb)…though I definitely agree that he, along with other GOP fossils and Cult45 members who don't understand that economic fallout of these actions isn't instant, will blame Democrats for the poor economy those Dems are forced to dig America out of, after the GOP tanks it, just as Obama had to do after Dubya.

  33. This "progressive" is happy America is united once again, because there are no longer:
    -MILLIONS marching in the streets
    -race riots
    -statue removals
    -ANTIFA riots
    -school walkouts
    -Black Lives Matter
    -campus anti-speech riots
    -road blockades

  34. He's not trying to prove a point to China or anything like that, he's deliberately handing the title of global power/police over to them on a silver platter

  35. you guys should do a critique of the Howie Carr shoq. he's on every day in New England spouting lies and misinformation. it would be extremely easy to tear his points apart yet there are nearly zero critical videos of him on YouTube. please bring sanity back to New England. please own Howie carr.

  36. He is trying to crush the poor and middle class under the jackboots of the Repuglicans. He's killing them off, taking Medicare, Social Security, Snap benefits, etc. for the rich. They want to be Lords over the peasants.

  37. this dipshit just lying his ass off as usual. I honestly can't even believe people watch this guy as serious news. He by far the most ridiculous and outrageous of all TYT associated members.

  38. Never ascribe to malice what can be explained with sheer stupidity.

  39. Trump doesn't understand how economies work. He doesn't see how the trade war can hurt America or hum.

  40. anyone else remember that simpsons episode where lisa becomes the president, right after trump bankrupts america? yup, they knew it!

  41. Trump has probably become aware he'll only serve one term or less. And if you look at the track record of the GOP they usually leave the economy in a mess when they leave after 4 or 8 years. So Trump is just trying to rush things along.

  42. Probably. Who knows… he just wants money. Look at his track record.

  43. WOW , stop being conned , this illegitimate ass turd president is not making ONE decision , those flunkie pets he picked as administration heads are making all the decisions . This fool in the oval office ONLY signs his name , to whatever those idiots that are in his cabinet are telling him what might work . The commander in THIEF trump is truly as STUPID as has been reported . This dumb ass trump BANKRUPTED most of his business's that he tried to run using his pee , pee , brains , LMFAO .

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