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Isiah Thomas on why the Pistons didn't shake Michael Jordan and the Bulls’ hands | FOX SPORTS

Chris Broussard chats with Isiah Thomas after the first two episodes of ‘The Last Dance’ and explains why some Detroit Piston Players walked off the court and didn’t shake hands after the Bulls defeated them in the 1991 Conference Finals. Thomas also delves into why he believes the perception of the ‘Bad Boy’ Pistons is all wrong.

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Isiah Thomas on why the Pistons didn’t shake Michael Jordan and the Bulls’ hands | FOX SPORTS

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  1. Did you think it was disrespectful for the Pistons to not shake the hands of the Bulls players?

  2. Look how stupid they look laughing dude u should be embarrassed and ashamed of your self no one respected u and still don't its wasnt MJ that didn't want u on the dream team no one including your own coach wanted u on the team

  3. Isiah you you know your self that you don't have problem with Jordan right!?so why didn't shake his hand

  4. This two guys lebron big fan

  5. The Celtics were on the road and piston fans were ready to rush the court and did. So it was for player safety also.

  6. If you’re going to leave out the Boston Celtics In this discussion you’re full of S***! Robert Parish, Kevin McKale, ect.. we’re just as “physical” as the Pistons. AND THEY walked off the court as well! There were plenty of “physical” teams even after the “bad boy” Pistons. People didn’t like the… make up of the Pistons which is why THEY were singled out! I’m glad the industry is being called out on this hypocrisy.

  7. I applaud Bad Boys Pistons for that…Bad Boys for life

  8. Yeah funny today, after they beat your team hugging, smiles, praises, but deep inside at the moment they want to smack your face, maybe all of players now are afraid on not be selected for the next olympics haha..

  9. Everyone seems to forget when The Bulls were up 3 games to zero in the 1991 ECF. Where MJ, Phil & Scottie went on that rant calling the Pistons "Unworthy of being champions. They're bad for the league. How can the league allow a team like Detroit represent the NBA. They're nothing but thugs on & off the court. They're setting a bad example to the youth on how to be champions. & the world will rejoice when they are finally outta the picture".

    Ask yourself after all that was said & you were a Piston, would you be willing to shake MJ's? Im not saying Isiah was right nor wrong- but I do understand.

  10. Lol. Jordan is right!! Whatever Isaiah says now, its different from the reason then. Infact it's been changing through the years.
    His story has changed to everyone did it. And all he can point to is the Celtics. Not sure when the Celtics became everyone.

    If everyone did it, Jordan didn't. Every champion he beat or lost to showed proper respect except Pistons.

  11. If Magic and Barkley were able to shake hands after both lost their NBA Final Series with Jordan led Bulls, why not Isiah? And the previous years when Bulls lost to Pistons in the playoffs, Jordan and the bulls were gracious to shake Piston players hands. This just show how sore loser Isiah was and is.

  12. lbron james fanboys are trying so hard to make haha suicide watch

  13. What they should do is a doc on the NBA from 80 to 90 and see how every team played ,and then Come back and say why u don't like the pistons again

  14. The only reason Jordan and pippen and the bulls complained about the pistons was because they prevented them from moving on,they was so cocky they didn't wanna wait their turn like everybody else,but they had the golden child so everybody suppose to bow down to him,not..its funny I seen the bucks wipe out Jordan on 4 consecutive plays before, he was trying to fight them also

  15. Jordan couldn't hate the Pistons that much.Rodman was on his team and he went to Vegas to get him because he overcationed😆

  16. If Isaiah had no problem with Jordan then why other pistons show good sportsmanship and he didn’t. One thing Zeek will not go into-he was from Chicago beating his hometown and he knew Mike was great and was king of Chicago even he was not from there. Jealousy is the root.


  18. Much Love You Zeek….My Pistons were Awesome….One Of The Greatest Teams Ever…Excellent Defensive,Tough,Gritty, 3Guard Rotation,Big Man Shooting Tippy Toe 3’s at The Top of Key, Amazing Rebounding, our Squad was never in tabloids or scandals, Reppin Motor City aka Blue Collar Population and Motown aka Hitsville USA….Much Respect Isiah Thomas….Most people complaining about the Pistons didn’t or wasn’t born or watched Jordan,Larry,Isiah,Kareem,Dr J and other Greats play Real Basketball in The 80’s…..Best And Balanced Basketball Era Ever…..Like 90’s HIPHOP Golden Era, In My Opinion….Everybody Competed Back Back Then..,.Modern day Katz get accolades before even earning their Stripes….!!! Respect Is Earned and not given away like Coupons….Isiah at 6ft 3, Your Respect was Earned….!!! Joe Dumars as well….Rodman,BL40,Rodman, Salley, James E, Mark Aguirre, The Microwave Vinnie Johnson….We Had a Complete Team and Chuck Daly….!!! 5 Straight ECF, 3 Straight Finals, Isiah with respect he has, didn’t mention how he Played the Lakers in the Finals on One Wheel, or in 91 vs the Bulls, His Wrist was injured He made no excuses, He Just Competed with all his Heart…Go and look at those Games….Facts

  19. 4:02
    Actually he clearly says in the episode that the pistons broke up the NBA’s storyline of the Lakers/Celtics continuing to the savior MJ and the Bulls.

  20. he's still missing the point it's not about how it was back then etc Jordan is more so mad at the fact that for three straight he took the L like a man and never walked out without shaking hands, one year he stayed and gave an interview after losing on the same court. the least you could do when you lose is go out like a man

  21. Chris Broussard is a fuckboy contrarian.

  22. Ziek could not look Jordan in the eye after the Pistons got swept in the ECF! Ziek wasn’t man enough to shake Jordan’s hand. ZIEK is less of a man than Jordan. It’s about respect!

    Jordan went on to 3-peat!!!!

  23. They were pretty much were sore losers. Isiah hated he lost to greatest of all time!

  24. he keeps saying.. boston did it, but the Bulls always shook hands with them when they lost previous series when they beat up on the bulls…, and thepistons werent gracious winners either, they were terrible winners…good rid'ns

  25. Thats how things were back then, I remembered when John McEnroe walked off the court when Ivan Lendl beat him in the 1984 French Open Finals. This was because Jimmy Connors did the same thing to him. Nobody cares about this until Isiah does it.

  26. Isaiah still doesn't get it. Heeheehee, hahaha, who would of thought this, that's how it was.

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