J.P. Morosi sits down with Yankees star, Aaron Judge | FOX MLB

J.P. Morosi sits down with New York Yankees outfielder, Aaron Judge, to talk about the ups and downs of his baseball career.

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J.P. Morosi sits down with Yankees star, Aaron Judge | FOX MLB

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  1. Is Aaron Judge the best player in baseball?

  2. He’s my favorite player when he’s healthy

  3. Star?. You be got to be kidding…

  4. he was robbed for mvp
    wish he stayed healthy

  5. Red Sox fan here but Judge is a phenomenal player and person

  6. They are trying to make him a jetet clone. Will never hit 52 Homer's again. Pitchers have adjusted to him. He don't have the ability to adjust to them. He and sanchez have become rally killers. Both need more AAA's time or trade both for promising pitching . Trade stanton also .I'll take 2 more tauchman. Keep romine and higoshioka

  7. Amazing guy hope you can play better tho, maybe we will see it in the playoffs

  8. Fox Aaron judge is the face of baseball

    Mike trout am i a joke to you

  9. Fox Aaron judge is the face of baseball
    Mike trout am i a joke to you

  10. Very talented player. Hes in a slump right now. Hopecsoon he comes out of it.

  11. Class act.. perfect attitude for NY, his mom and dad raised him right.

  12. Saw Judge play at Freso State when my brother played him in College. When he walked on the field, dude looked like a beast among boys lol. And my brother is 6'3, but Judge was a monster in College.

  13. Aaron..not only are you a tall drink of water your so humble and all around an amazing man who has worked so hard to be where you are..i love you for that

  14. Wish there were more kids like Aaron in baseball. He seems like a good kid.
    I would love to see a piece on his youth; being adopted at a young age and all.
    Just curious about his background and what he went though.

  15. Aaron…you are the man !!!…lets pull some homeruns !!!!

  16. What’s the song in the background called

  17. I have loved this guy since he first came up to the Yankees. He’s been my favorite ever since. Anyone can ask me anything about him and if I didn’t know I would have to google it but if I did I would chew your ear off about him. He’s just the best in my eyes 🥰

  18. Very humble dude i salute you Aaron from LA hope you success just not too much in October haha

  19. I’m glad I got to watch him all through college

  20. All rise! Number 99 CAPTAIN!!

  21. How can you not like this guy even as a person man is a great guy.

  22. He won't ever have the 2017 season again but he can be close if he stays healthy, his only kryptonite seems to be the low and outside slider

  23. How is he a star? A swing and miss threat every time at the plate.

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