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Jackass Cast, Where Are They Now?

Ever wonder what Steve-O, Bam Margera, and Johnny Knoxville are up to today? We take a look at the infamous cast of Jackass.

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Jackass Cast, Where Are They Now

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  1. this has already been done by multiple other channels. you can tell you dont know anything about jackass, and have no new information to tell here.

  2. Only time Danger Ehren has been first on any list!!

  3. You need to slow down when talking. You sound like you're desperate for a piss.

  4. Jackass cast are legends. I don’t know anyone else besides them to do all those crazy stunts. RIP Ryan Dunn

  5. There accually not married or have childen, just in the dirty shoe porn industry.

  6. Bam doesn't have a radio show, most of this info is old

  7. A Lot of this video is very incorrect

  8. Actually, the first episodes of jackass were all CKY videos filmed my bam and his friend's

  9. Someone makes one of these videos every month I swear

  10. I heard that the little person started selling his body to make a living

  11. The pic you showed when steve-o was getting arrested was when he got arrested for protesting sea world.

  12. Spelled "point" wrong in one of your slides

  13. isnt this a reupload?

  14. My favorite scene was when wee-man dressed up as a panda in Japan and skated around harassing the natives! Those were good memories 😉

  15. How many times am I supposed to watch this?

  16. What about steve-o being on the sideman show

  17. Eat ass
    Smoke grass
    Be a Jackass

  18. Bam relapsed like 2 months ago, check your facts, because that one inaccuracy just ruined the credibility of the entire video.

  19. hell yeah that's what's up

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