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Jaclyn Hill Responds to Body-Shaming on Social Media

It’s 2019, yet here we still are, wondering why anyone on social media is still body-shaming.

The latest target of the social media vitriol is Jaclyn Hill, who recently took to Twitter to shut down trolls who have been constantly plaguing her feed with negative comments about her body. After one (of many) tweeted Hill rudely questioning, “What happened to your face,” the YouTube personality responded with a comment that was equally vulnerable, honest, and badass.

“I GAINED WEIGHT!!!!,” Hill posted. “Can you guys please stop body shaming! I don’t even want to log onto social media recently because all I see is comments about looking ‘fat’ & accusing me of getting fillers. Dear God! Thank the lord I have a good support system & self confidence.”

A day later, Hill took to Twitter again to admit she was dealing with “crippling anxiety” and provide a message of support for her almost 250,000 followers. (It’s unclear if her anxiety was a result of the social media body-shaming.)

“I woke up with crippling anxiety for absolutely no reason,” she posted. “So I wanted to jump on here & say that you’re never alone in your feelings. Take deep breaths, ground yourself, focus only on the present & force yourself to smile even if you don’t want to. Everything will be okay❤️.”

This isn’t the first time Hill has addressed body-shaming on social media. In August she explained to her Instagram followers that she had gained 20 pounds and was dealing with insecurity due to the changes in her body.


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