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Jacobin Founder: Socialism is URGENTLY Needed

Jacobin Founder: Socialism is URGENTLY Needed

Jacobin founder Bhaskar Sunkara stops by to explain why America needs socialism now. Ana Kasparian breaks it down on #NoFilter. https://www.tyt.com/ana

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  1. Do you agree with Bhaskar? Let us know in the comments.

  2. Communism has to make a big comeback. Because ALL progress stemmed from communism.

    Liberals only became Social Liberals following the emergence of Marx.

    Basically you've got to threaten capitalism with abolition, or it will never change.

    You see, Western European elites are not social democratic because they like their people, no it's because those countries have like masses of communists, willing to take all the way if necessary.

    So the paradox is, if you want Social Democracy, you should support communism. Then the establishment will support social democracy, or at least be less hostile to it. It's what Marxists call the negation of the negation.

  3. The socalist lunatics are on the grass. You raise the blade. You make the change. You rearrange me until I'm sane. You lock the door throw away the key there's someone in my head but it's not me. Socalism. Will NEVER. RUN AMERICA.

  4. Liberals are strong willed free thinking individuals who all need to be consultation. Conservatives are a well organized, disciplined, authoritarian army.

  5. I like this "biological" perspective, coming back to the fundamentals; Birth location not being a destiny… Grass root vision will become essential to prepare and organize after petrol peak to face the fusion between elite, military complex and AI.

  6. To all the right wingers. Democratic socialism is about expanding democracy to all levels of society. Communism is about taking over the means of production and this has been a failed strategy since a private sector is necessary for a society to function. This is a happy medium. Be open minded and engage in constructive argument instead of attacking with unnecessary vulgarities.

  7. I know Republicans that want to leave Corporations to start their own worker cooperatives not understanding that this is a type of socialism. So many ignorant comments from right wingers on here. They don't want to understand democratic socialism, they just want to attack it.

  8. You people are delusional to think socialism is needed in America, that's why people fleed their country to escape Socialism. And here only the jerk off millennials in college are the only retards that want Socialism.

  9. There are literally brown shirts comments there.

  10. These people are fighting for Free Speech like Hasan fights for rings.

  11. I don't know what this dude is talking about but it's not true Socialism.

  12. That's a smart Latino Trump Supporter.

  13. American workers, unite! Peacefully organize and demand reasonable wages!

    Right Wingers: “RADICAL! Far-Leftist!”

    CNN: “Demanding reasonable things that other countries do won’t win the middle of America! We need to be moderate!”

  14. of course he's not white lol as if that matters of course because plenty of white people are moronic commies who don't know how to board a plane to Venezuela or read a history book to see the one simple reality that THIS SHIT ALWAYS FAILS

  15. They should go to Venezuela for a tour of socialism

  16. Stage demonstrations for Medicare for All since most want it and call all the tribes together. I agree with Bhaskar. 
    The right organizes for their bosses but the left does not organize around what the working class wants.

  17. You already have socialism in USA . Privatise the gains and socialise the losses. Put your hard earned tax money in the pocket of the employer who refuse to pay the employees a decent salary. Why can't you see you've been duped big time? But no, pure socialism isn't the answer. I hate to brag about my own country, it isn't polite, but look to Scandinavia is an honest advise.

  18. Last time the word Jacobin was floating around and socialism was happening, the Italians peasants didn't put up with that shit. Kindly suck a dick.

  19. I'm Norwegian, and for me, the only answer is and has always been social democracy, not socialism. Why choose between socialism and capitalism when we can have the best from both worlds? In its purely cultivated state, socialism and capitalism is equally bad.

  20. Socialists are people that feel like the world owes them something. They feel like they were destined for greatness, but the unfair world is holding them back. The world doesn't owe you shit!! The natural order of this world is "survival of the fittest." Just look to nature for confirmation of this. If you can't provide for yourself in this economy then you're just a drag on society anyways.

  21. Emma Vigeland seems tall

  22. I have an idea. Push for universal healthcare and STOP TALKING ABOUT SOCIALISM!

  23. So the rich corporate America and corrupt government can use socialisum but capitalism for the poor? When banks that steal from Americans needs a handout or corporate and government scum like trump don't pay taxes the American people have to cover it that's socialisum. We need to land the blow to the republicans and gop and end this slavery now. Long live democracy.

  24. A bunch of immigrants come into your country from their own shitholes and demand you make your country a shithole like the one they left.

  25. Every Republican I've met, when you dig into their lives; their work, their school, their business, are SOCIALIST. They have been bailed out, given VA loans, SBA loans, public pensions, public health-insurance, public schools, etc., etc. They are completely dependent upon the creative labor of the workers of the world, none of them support themselves.

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