Jail Fires Back At Judge's Rant Over 'Pantless' Defendant | USA TODAY

A Louisville area judge was outraged when the defendant’s lawyer said her client was denied pants and feminine hygiene products. The jail says the defendant was wearing shorts and processed like any other inmate.

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Jail Fires Back At Judge’s Rant Over ‘Pantless’ Defendant | USA TODAY


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  1. I don’t think the judge was going over the line at all. This judge is awesome

  2. It’s about time we got some real justice. We pay so much money for taxes yet they still have an “abundance of female products” bs the jails should stop spending money on more donuts for the workers 🙄

  3. Virtue signaling judge. She was not doing law but just acting like a brat

  4. private prisons. this country is crooked six ways to sunday.

  5. 1st time shoplifting charge no im not giving her 75 days thats unfair ,somebody accuses somebody of rape gets a "fair" month or two in jail., Seems fair

  6. Yea cops do that to try to make you look bad for court in this case it backfired happened to me I signed all my property to my family and they kept my jacket just for court and when I refused to wear it they said fine it’ll go in the trash and began to assault me

  7. This Woman's going to go right back to shoplifting she got off the hook with $100 fine because of no pants

  8. I love this judge!!! She's such a beautiful person.

  9. Give her your robe judge instead of your outrage.

  10. Its my god given right to show up to jail without pants and no jail can tell me otherwise.

  11. “What is this ?am I in the twilight zone? What is happening”.

    Nice to see that someone is noticing how messed up our system is🙃

  12. Now! That's how you judge people folks

  13. Whats this judge name ? Shes lowkey fine

  14. Annnddddd charges dropped and those cops are gonna be fired

  15. Yet the blacks will still say we're the only racists. Ever see Hispanics stand up for blacks? Asians? No. They hate blacks 10x more than we do, yet some black ppls twisted little minds assume because they are all minorities, they have some sort of kinship. Think again. Most abolitionists of slavery were WHITE. Whites marched with dr King, WHITES formed the underground railroad network and aided Harriet Tubman in smuggling runaway slaves. Whites continue to aid blacks to this day, adopting their unwanted children and doing missionary work.

  16. Give her your robe judge. Show your commitment!

  17. And that is why I would preffer eastern Europe over US anytime.
    Terrible country.

  18. im with the judge, thats fucked

  19. Sir.. shorts and pants are not the same thing.

  20. If she needed feminine products…she maybe couldn't wear the shorts because they might have been a mess. Either way, we all know jails aren't gonna treat people like humans unless they're forced to.

  21. That's a great judge.💯

  22. I wish they did this to me lol I would of milked that mf hard $$$ f the government

  23. Three days in shorts that look like underwear in a cold cell block and probably bleeding through them for that long could put a woman in shock or have a terrible rash/infection. Y’all old ass fucks are so delusional about “facts” and shit when you don’t know what being a woman is like, especially one who’s often oppressed. Nothing sickens me more than anyone denying basic human necessities and a huge lack of empathy.

  24. There may be an "abundance" of products, but that doesn't mean the inmates receive them. If she got them he definitely would've said the defendant got them. He couldn't say that though. Even with the shorts, it's probably hot out if she was in shorts. Therefore the air conditioning is probably on and court rooms and places like that get really cold. So maybe that's why she wanted pants. More judges need to be like this one though, for real.

  25. Even if she was wearing shorts, wasn't it brought up that she needed some other products as well because of some feminine things going on?

  26. Breath of fresh air! Good on you!

  27. I LOve this judge…🤗🤗🤗

  28. I could almost see the smoke coming from her ears.

  29. Very kind hearted Judge but most important, I hope the shoplifter learns from this and tries to be a better person.

  30. I don’t know who this judge is but I wanna send my love and appreciation because she showed SHE CARED!

  31. The chick shouldn't have gone to jail if she wanted feminine hygiene products. They don't give men the NFL package when they're in jail.

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