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Jake Paul Kisses Mystery Girl At Coachella

Jake Paul Kisses Mystery Girl At Coachella

Jake Paul finally replaces Erika Costell. KSI and Pewdiepie go to war. Plus – Shane Dawson takes a giant step in his YouTube career.
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Well, there’s one place where Jordyn Woods is welcome in Hollywood! The eyelash falsies queen, 21, is the star of Justin Roberts‘ unique music video for his new song, “Way Too Much”. And she kills it! Jordyn stars a life-size, Barbie-like doll who’s trapped in a factory with Justin and Sofia Jamora. The trio have just been assembled and put in their boxes with some sweet accessories. While Justin gets to wear his street dudes and a gold chain, Jordyn and the other dolls are in futuristic space suits. Jordyn looks fabulous, even when dressed like she walked off the set of Star Trek.

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Jordyn Woods Stuns As A Life-Size Doll In Justin Roberts’ Futuristic ‘Way Too Much’ Video

Starring DeVante Chisolm @devantechisolm

Written & Edited By DeVante Chisolm @devantechisolm

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Jake Paul Kisses Mystery Girl At Coachella


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  1. lol since he can't catch any hands he decided to catch feelings 😂😂

  2. Ugh…he changed to the worst. I used to be a fan…omg…what happened to him….

  3. I think it was kelly that was in the beginning

  4. No KSI how could you!!!!!! 🤣


  6. jake romances over one girl like for 30 minutes he cant keep his heart on one hes a sad person, plus i also think the girls are there only for the lifestyle they dont love him

  7. KSI is wearing the same shirt in the picture and in the video lol

  8. Jake Paul : kisses a girl at Coachella

    Nobody : gives a shit

  9. That PewDiePie and ksi clip was hilarious 😂

  10. This girl is just not that good to replace erika costell 100%

  11. Great video Where is my milk and cookies 🍪 😅😂🤣😂

  12. KSI is just jealous that Pewdiepie doing better songs than him 💁🏻‍♀️ #sns

  13. 😐😑🙄❤️🔥😂😂

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