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Jake Paul Reveals Logan Paul Hurt His Career VIDEO | Hollywoodlife

Jake Paul Reveals Logan Paul Hurt His Career VIDEO | Hollywoodlife

Jake Paul reveals how Logan Paul’s controversies hurt his career. Shane Dawson exposes a YouTuber’s relationship in a new video. Plus – Corinna reacts to Elle Mills getting slammed on social media.
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Jake Paul‘s Christmas gift wish list is short — in fact, all he wants is a shorty to call his girlfriend. A source close to Jake told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he’s officially over having random flings after his recent split with his ex-girlfriend Erika Costell. “It is not hard for Jake to find girls that want to be with him but he wants something more than just a fling,” our source told us. “He wants something substantial and something that means something more than random hookups.”

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Jake Paul: All He Wants For Christmas Is A New Relationship After Painful Split With Erika Costell

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Jake Paul Reveals Logan Paul Hurt His Career VIDEO | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Would you let your boyfriend or girlfriend go through your DMs?

  2. Can I get likes for no reason please

  3. SHANE DAWSON is A loser don't watch him

  4. Snake Paul ruined his own career after all the crap he has done in the past. He needs to stop blaming other people as main reason behind his failure. I mean this is why nobody really watches his videos anymore.

  5. i dont watch jake paul. who's jake paul?

  6. look at this trash did he forgot how until logan controversy he been in many scandals and shit and how the whole world hated on him well he still being problematic scumbag till now! remember how he fake accused banks of assaulting his assistant he was about to go jails many times because of the shit he did and logan was the one who defended him got hate and lost subs because of that logan !
    like logan was dragged everywhere and lost shows and 7 figures deals because of the shit jake is doing! so he need to stfu its all because of him being fucked up he always blames others when its actually him the one who keep fucking up shit!
    did he forgot that logan the one made him!the one who let him live with his friends in his apartment and paid for everything and his acting classes! the one who risked his career to defend him all the time when the whole world hated him but he cant even so the same for his brother what an ungrateful piece of shit

  7. The Paul brothers are just so annoying and toxic to the YouTube community imo… they are filled with drama and we just need to stop giving them attention.

  8. didnt know that jake had a career

  9. Jake Paul ruined Jake Paul’s career.

  10. Lmao as if logan paul ruin his career. He ruin his OWN FUCKING career. Nobody like him before nobody likes logan.

  11. Wtf why reporter about rice what’s the point .

  12. Did you get permission to tell the Internet YouTube things because if you didn't it code be a legally

  13. 6 likes and I will jump in front a car

  14. Why anyone would think Jenna and Julien arent a real couple is beyond me – the love between them is so obvious.

  15. Glad all the comments are on logans side

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