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Jake Paul Under Arrest After Annoying Police Officers | Hollywoodlife

Jake Paul Under Arrest After Annoying Police Officers | Hollywoodlife

Jake Paul is arrested. James Charles reveals new details about his love life. Plus – Shane Dawson reveals the topic of his new series.
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Jake Paul‘s Christmas gift wish list is short — in fact, all he wants is a shorty to call his girlfriend. A source close to Jake told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he’s officially over having random flings after his recent split with his ex-girlfriend Erika Costell. “It is not hard for Jake to find girls that want to be with him but he wants something more than just a fling,” our source told us. “He wants something substantial and something that means something more than random hookups.”

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Jake Paul: All He Wants For Christmas Is A New Relationship After Painful Split With Erika Costell

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Jake Paul Under Arrest After Annoying Police Officers | Hollywoodlife


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  16. Jake Paul fell off and became irrelevant….i wouldn't be surprised if this is one of his "Stunts" "pranks" or whatever

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