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Jake Paul’s Ex Alissa Violet Reveals What Led To Logan Paul Hook Up | Hollywoodlife

Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet opens up about what caused her to hook up with Jake’s brother Logan Paul. #JakePaul #LoganPaul

Shane Dawson officially released the first trailer for his upcoming documentary series The Mind of Jake Paul on Sept. 11 and fans are already taking to social media to post about their excitement. The documentary takes a look at the life of Shane’s fellow YouTube personality Jake Paul from a point of view his fans may have never seen before. In the trailer, various clips from some of Jake’s wildest YouTube moments are shown as Shane sits and looks at a computer screen. In the closing clip, a voice off camera asks Shane what he’s going to be worried about most. “That he’s gonna be mad when he finds out what this series is actually about,” he replies.

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Shane Dawson Releases Trailer For ‘The Mind Of Jake Paul’ & Fans Are Here For It – Watch

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Jake Paul’s Ex Alissa Violet Reveals What Led To Logan Paul Hook Up | Hollywoodlife


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  1. What do you think will happen in the final part of Shane's doc?

  2. The problem is that Jake found it alright to have casual sex with Alissa but didn't want to commit to her. He had feelings for Alissa, so did she. She was also led on, and hurt because of Jake's promiscuity. He too got hurt when she hooked up with his brother. So the only lesson that I learn from them is that DON'T PLAY WITH PEOPLE'S FEELINGS!!! Nobody won, you know.

  3. If they weren’t together than technically Jake didn’t cheat either…. so she can’t just say she didn’t cause really neither did he than…

  4. That is fricking messed up.

  5. That isn’t Alissa On the thumbnail 😐💀

  6. Oh Shit. I thought that was inside edition.

  7. She's only famous because of jake

  8. Jake and Alissa both admitted in each video that they were never officially dating which I already knew but people are still making videos calling Alissa Jake's ex gf? For views probably

  9. That's not how it happened lmao they did it multiple times 😂😂 she is a clout hoe that's why she's the female of clout house

  10. Why do you have to put shane reading her text that she has to shit. Cut it down

  11. People tuning with all this drama, while I’m still watching Spongebob and Mr. Bean at 12 o’clock in the morning

  12. 0:28 why does shane look like one of the Riverdale actors in this image

  13. i love how you use the ugliest pictures of people as the thumbnail

  14. next the mind of lil yay *and then the mind of Danielle Cohn

  15. People still talk shit about jake 😂damn this bitch didn’t watch the Shane Dawson series

  16. Get rid of Ali nigga she’s annoying as fuck

  17. Ali has a anyoing voice

  18. She felt so horrible about hooking up with Logan that she made 2 music videos talking about the hook up. Lmao 😏😏

  19. who the fuck cares about the picture they used for alissa? like fuck

  20. I hope you know that these people are irrelevant by now

  21. nah this girls full of shit. it was exposed she was fucking logan behind jake pauls back for some time but then in the video she said she did it once and felt bad about it. she's just a liar

  22. Honestly the people who run this channel and the people who are on it should just get hit by a bus just leave it alone


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