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James Charles Getting Rich From Tati Bye Sister Drama?

James Charles Getting Rich From Tati Bye Sister Drama?

James Charles career is in a downward spiral, but is he still making money? Plus – Trisha Paytas reacts to being exposed by Nikocado Avocado.
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Where have ya been, James Charles? After Tati Westbrook, 37, exposed her former friend’s outrageous behavior, the 19-year-old YouTube has practically vanished (along with 3 million of his subscribers.) While James has made a name for himself with his face, he hasn’t shown it in public – until now. James, who was touring Australia to open a pop-up store on the Gold Coast this week, according to the Daily Mail, was spotted “sneaking into” the Brisbane airport on May 14. James, who went make-up free, was described as looking “solemn” as Virgin Australia cabin crew and security escorted him through the terminal.

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James Charles Spotted For 1st Time Since Tati Westbrook Scandal In Australia– See Photos

Starring Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta

Written & Edited By DeVante Chisolm @devantechisolm

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James Charles Getting Rich Form Tati Bye Sister Drama?


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  1. He had ads on his apology video so….yeah he’s profiting

  2. He’s definitely getting a good payday from all this ‘bad’ publicity 🙄

  3. How is this guy still earning $$$ 🙄🙄

  4. Why dose James charles drama seems stage n all

  5. He’s left Australia he’s back in the US

  6. Use me as a "Trisha Paytas is a fat pig" button

  7. He's so fake, he put ads on his apology video, disgusting

  8. Uhm James trying to not act slutty or overly sexually dress himself. PR stunt.

  9. I get in a fight with a friend,the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna expose him on youtube…You people are so antisocial

  10. Honestly, anyone creating drama on yt should be banned by now. It's so toxic and harmful towards youtubers who actually are trying to put out friendly content

  11. Tati gained so many subs that now all people want to do is try to do what she did. Not everyone is a predator 👌🏼

  12. Nickavacado is a HUGE ASS CRY BABY

  13. wtf they want james charles to do? just sit on a chair until he cries blood for tati's forgiveness. He also need money to buy what he needs.


  15. Even if he gets paid, his career is over.

  16. jefree star exposed to
    check my account
    u wont bleave

  17. At least say “Nik-O-cado’s” name right.

  18. Finally not a kardashian drama

  19. Trisha’s lips look like stuffed sausages.

  20. This boy needs to back inside the closet.

  21. This boy needs to back inside the closet.

  22. Omfg that apology video is probably the suckiest most profitable damn video on youtube right now 😂

  23. Trisha is a cruel,ugly brat!

  24. He only had 3 well viewed days on social blade. His apology video!!! Of course it spiked.

  25. Thank God it was Ali and not that Madison hill .

  26. Your such a bitch you get paid for talking shit

  27. Plot twist : tati is helping james Charles to earn more money,


  29. Wow what a bunch of hypocrites. I’m not a James Charles fan but these fans that are unfollowing seriously need to ask themselves why they loved him so much when he would sexually harass Grayson Dolan in all they Sister Squad videos, so much so they were shipping them but now, now he’s awful? Make up your mind.
    Also Tati is going to face a lot because of all this but I hope she continues on with grace and truth as she has done thus far.

  30. Seems like white youtubers noticed how much publicity Tasha K and Lovelyti2002's drama got on youtube and are now doing the same thing. Just another example of white people stealing from black people!

  31. Wait is Trisha still dating Jason?!😂

  32. I luv u Jesus…doesn't matter if your straight from the hood

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