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James Mattis Jokes About Trump's 'Overrated General' Comment | NBC News

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis made the joking remarks at the annual Alfred E. Smith Dinner, after President Donald Trump demeaned him as “the world’s most overrated general” during a meeting.
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James Mattis Jokes About Trump’s ‘Overrated General’ Comment | NBC News


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  1. History proving him wrong already laugh at Trump but he already proved he was right

  2. Everything Mattis said about Turkey and ISIS turned out to be completely wrong. Trump orchestrated a clever pull out and the Kurds are safe and ISIS is even weaker

  3. I dont see what serving in the military has to do with war strategy or creative strategy. Hes not correct to correlate the two.

  4. Mattis was not tough he over intellectualizes everything instead of seeking a strategy that cuts the opponents down at the knees. As for treating allies badly well guess what it worked sometimes you have to call out your family members on their BS eg NATO as a prime example.

  5. Military lifers who reach the hights of General and Trump publicly belittles them the second they don't kowtow to him. It's absurd beyond belief.

  6. He may be a respected general but throwing Trump under the boss is disgusting.

  7. Another phedophile. Did you know. That the ole general invested $$$ in Epstiens. Business

  8. 5th General Order: To quit my post only when properly relieved. All this time I thought he was hiding badassery in those grotesque bags under his eyes, but he was just hiding his innate will to QUIT.

  9. I had bone spurs — very painfull but it was after my military service was over

  10. Wtf the left out the best part!

  11. If Mattis wanted to be career military, why did he sit in college during Vietnam while millions (including me) were drafted?

  12. 😂🤣 Fox won't show this 🤣😂

  13. Mattis hits the nail on the head. But bonespur Trump knows better because of his experience in wars!

  14. The question is for angry mad poodle…Mattis…what is your victory..under your commend ?!! 18 years…thousands of deaths..Afghanistan present…failed shia/Kurdish uprising against Iraqi and occupation..first Battle of Fallujah operation failure….and you lecture President D. Trump to be there for ever..@@ stop pretend to be knowledgeable General..you are not..in the future you will be accountable for your actions as a commander..General..you are not hero…you are failure..

  15. So disappointed in James Mattis, but what can expect from a war criminal.

  16. How quickly the stars fade. Do enjoy yourself, Jim. But remember, these are the same clowns that laughed at you as they did the president not but a few months ago.

  17. Trump kicks a warhawk out and the anti war left turns into war hawks. Go figure.

  18. The Generals want to expose this naked emperor but the uneducated grunts love the bozo. What can you do.

  19. Lindsey Graham has a new man crush, & he's single!

  20. Trump is taking us out of endless wars, and tossing warmongers like Mattie and Bolton. God bless Donald Trump.

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